Live Action at the Abortion/Infanticide Interface Video2

At the Washington Surgi-Clinic  in our nation’s capital, the Live Action undercover team catches abortionist Cesare Santangelo describing his manner of bypassing the requirements of the Born Alive Infants Protection Act.
He informs us that the worst thing his clients could do is panic and go to the hospital if they go into labor during the laminaria treatments. Then they could be stuck with a baby. If the patients wait, and come to him, he could assure them that the baby would not survive. His method of preventing survival is to sever the umbilical cord and cause the baby to bleed out.  Watch the video HERE.  <—Click it.

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For decades, early delivery has been a preferred method for late term abortions, because it allows practitioners to avoid the surgical mishaps, perforations, infections, and lawsuits.  This procedure, when done after viability,  leads to infanticide.  The baby is either killed actively or by exposure or medical neglect.

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