Abortion Barbie Earrings, by Sabo

Young Turks are heard whining about Sabo's "Abortion Barbie" Art
Young Turks are heard whining about Sabo’s “Abortion Barbie” Art

Sabo is a graphic artist transplanted to California, where he has been creating street art that lampoons the left.   His first attempt at jewelry design is a SNIP at Wendy Davis, whom he first represented as Abortion Barbie.  While not totally in the pro-life camp, Sabo finds Wendy’s resolute support of late term abortion (opposition to the 20 week limit on abortions in TX) too much to bear, and this inspired both his well known poster and the earrings.  Sabo is prolific in production of very edgy art, guaranteed to offend many. His work was featured at the rollout of Breitbart California.  Sabo’s  digital media, ripping the left,  can be viewed at his websites, which also provide opportunities to support his work.

Wendy Davis Earrings by Sabo
Wendy Davis Earrings by Sabo

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