America’s Ongoing Tort Litigation Nightmare – Forbes

America’s Ongoing Tort Litigation Nightmare – Forbes.

Kathleen Sebelius has more  wrong with her than pro-abortion extremism. (She’s the one who has  protected Planned Parenthood in Kansas  from the legal consequences of failing to report sexual abuse of minors.)

Obama directed  Sebelius, who headed a trial lawyers association for 8 years, to move forward on health care tort reform.  As anyone would expect, her progress is zero, because she can’t stop feeding her own.

Linked above is the tale of a 65 million dollar  court decision against an exercise equipment company.  The award goes to a physical therapist who was paralyzed when a Cybex  leg EXTENSION  machine fell on her.  She had been using the machine incorrectly, standing beside it and pulling it backwards to STRETCH.  So far, the company has been appealing and the last decision cut the award to 44 million.

With court decisions like this….. bookshelf makers should also stop production.  Those things can be pulled down on top of people also.

Forbes contributor, Matt  Kibbe estimates that tort litigation costs each American individual  $838 per year,  and suggests that such legal maneuvering makes up 27% of health care costs.   That might be worth Kathleen Sebelius’s attention.