Argument Against Mainstreaming Students with Physical and Learning Disabilities.

In earlier times, there were  good arguments for educating students with various physical or learning disabilities with the general population, as much as possible.  If done appropriately, the resulting interactions  can add to the lives of all of the students.

With the “progressive” attitudes coming from the left, towards the appropriateness of children having sex,  one wonders if the educational mainstreaming policies will have to be curtailed.  Millions of tax payer dollars are being used to present a type of  sex education  in elementary and high schools, which the NYT and Washington post have deemed to graphic for its adult readers.   (More likely, they would rather you not know about it).

Rational people would not suggest that all of the students with significant learning  disabilities, are able to give informed consent to sexual activity, regardless of their physical development.   But we cannot expect rationality from those of our progressive leaders,  whose judgment and cognitive disorders prevent them from associating actions and consequences.

Some of the kids clearly are able to indicate that they don’t want the sexual activity, particularly while at school, but are not given the opportunity to refuse.  That situation likely fits the case of an LA seventh grader who apparently got more “global preparation” than he and his parents anticipated, at the school named below. 

Shortly after  the child’s “preparatory” experience, administered by an 8th grader who lured him behind the bleachers,  he was transported  to a rape crisis center.

global preparation
Barack Obama Global Preparation Academy

The parents of the boy have sued the school officials, citing their prior expressed concerns about their son’s safety, and the  fact that these were not  addressed by the school.  The Los Angeles school district is facing other, similar  lawsuits, which are said to indicate a systemic problem within the schools.

All in all, in our brave new world, run by the leftists,  it appears that life for people with various disabilities is going to get a lot harder, if it is allowed to proceed at all.  During this downhill slide, it might  not be safe to mainstream, kids who are physically or mentally challenged, into the public school systems.