Big Sis Raids Whistleblowing Pilot

Sacramento-area pilot punished for YouTube video | | Sacramento, California | News.

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A Sacramento area pilot has been raided by the TSA and relieved of duty because of his video on YouTube exposing the holes in airport security.

While pilots are forced to go through screening,  the maintenance staff are not.  They have access to the planes by merely swiping a card.

He has revealed that the airport security is  not effective, and mostly for display and intimidation of the public.

The TSA has civil penalties in store for this pilot, and he intends to go public after he finds out what they are.

The pilot does not regret posting the video on you tube despite the penalties in store for him.

“Somebody obviously has to address the issue. Really, the only way this news story got traction is because of the government’s response.”

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