Catholic Church Plans Massive Push for Amnesty

Catholic Church Plans Massive Push for Amnesty.

Per Mike Flynn at Breitbart, there’s  more avid interest among the US Catholic Bishops in favor of  the current amnesty legislation than their ever was for protecting our religious freedom not to participate in abortion.   He forcasts a push during September 8 Masses to encourage Catholics to support Amnesty legislation, and to push Catholic legislators to support the bill.

Your friendly Pharmer is in favor of increasing and simplifying legal immigration, but not the current proposal of rewarding people who break the law. The U.S. needs a strong and ambitious work force, so it should bring in plenty of immigrants (and let the lefties emigrate to the socialist utopia of their choice).

If Pharmer hears a sermon touting the current legislation, which unfairly dumps on those who stand in line – waiting to immigrate, by letting the lawbreakers in first, the church contributions will be diverted to other charities.