Pastors challenge IRS rule with partisan talk –

Pastors challenge IRS rule with partisan talk –

What makes most non profit 501 (C)(3) tax exempt groups so quiet about their causes? Why are they afraid to name names, and speak loudly against the politicians who oppose them? On this past Pulpit Freedom Sunday, more than 1500 Pastors openly defied the 1954 IRS regulation which sought to squash political speech by non profit groups, by scaring them with the IRS boogieman.
In all these 58 years, the IRS has done next to nothing against politically activist churches and non-profits. The IRS has only succeeded in stripping one church of its tax exempt status, in 1992. That particular church in Binghamton, NY ran newspaper ads against Bill Clinton and his positions on abortion and homosexuality.
Since then the IRS has sent only warning letters to a relatively few churches, and since then has had a policy of not enforcing this law.
The Pulpit Freedom Sunday supporters believe that the IRS fears losing ground on this First Amendment issue.

So…….. Why are so many churches and pro-life 501(c)(3) groups so quiet and polite about the political issues which impinge on their cause?
Why don’t they take a chance with their own careers, and income, as so many pro-life health care professionals have been doing? If they led by example, more people would be standing up and taking personal risks to stand up for life.

Don’t forget, the supposedly non-profit, tax funded, and tax exempt planned unparenthood has been openly funding and endorsing candidates for years.

FLObama! It’s ART!!

Inspired by the latest artistic depiction of Obama as savior, Glenn Beck presents his very own work: FLObama, which features immersion of the presidential image in “countrytime” colored fluid, at 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, no doubt.

Watch for yourself.

Of course, Beck points out that the Obama Crucified -“Truth” artist, (Michael D’Antuono) the “Piss Christ” artist, and he, as the “FLObama” creator, all are making use of the First Amendment free speech rights.

We are waiting for the screams, wailing and gnashing of teeth coming from the left, as “FLObama”, aka “Obama in PeePee” is sold for its rather large asking price.

Update quoted from The Blaze:  “The popular online auction site eBay has yanked a piece of artwork done by Glenn Beck citing its belief that the project featured an Obama figurine floating in actual urine (it was not, however).”

“Bids can now be emailed in the subject line to the following email address set up by Beck:


Google Bans Firearm Accessory Sales on Its Shopping Services

Google Bans Firearm Accessory Sales on Its Shopping Services.

Hamlund Tactical Received a letter from Google Shopping  announcing that it is banning the promotion of firearms, guns, knives and related accessories.  Merchants are to remove such items from their data feed to Google.

You can see other items which Google will no longer allowed to be promoted on its shopping services HERE.

See the new Search tool, called Startpage on the right side of this blog.  A similar one called DuckDuckGo is available.  These allow for private internet surfing, and conceal your isp from the search engines.   It appears that Bing has not followed Google’s lead, so far, and may benefit from the move.

The Google plus 1 button has been removed  from the sidebar.

Teen’s Video Banned on Youtube

Sixteen-year-old Madeleine McAulay, of North Carolina produced a video of her opinion on the definition of marriage. She thinks it should remain between one man and one women. Youtube found this video to be not in keeping with their policies. is promulgating the video in order to counteract the censorship.

McAulay has a Bible based view, which will not please the anti-religion crowd.

Most are confused about the reasons for a social (governmental) recognition of marriage. It is not for the couple getting married. It is an institution to protect the process of producing and bringing up children. They do better in homes which have a father and a mother, and so this situation has been endorsed by society for many thousands of years. Gay unions do not result in the production of children. That kind of social, governmental protection is therefore not necessary.

Obama Owned NBC Will Not Dump its President, Steve Capus

Editgate: Three Strikes and NBC’s Steve Capus Should Be Out.

John Nolte over at Breitbart  outlines three major instances of media malpractice by NBC,  designed to Wag the Race War for the Left.

If we’re distracted by racial polarization, we might pay less attention to the looming spectre of Obamacare,  the destruction of our economy, and the mismanagement of forieign policy which will soon ignite World War III.

Obama ‘owns’ Jeffrey Immelt,  CEO of GE,  which still owns 49% of NBC.    President of CE, Steve Capus, has overseen a good deal of media abuse during his tenure, which began in 2005,  which, in earlier  times could have cost him his job.

NBC’s latest attempt to start a race war involved purposefully editing the Zimmerman 911 tape (click this)  to present  a racist, wanna-be cop, pursuing a  Black kid.   NBC is still claiming that the editing wasn’t with this intent,  but listening to the cut version vs the original version leaves zero room for doubt.

George Zimmerman has to hide, in fear for his life.  NBC has supposedly fired the senior producer, who edited the tape, but will not name him.   He is free to continue his malpractice elsewhere.

Contessa Brewer remains in place after chopping the head off of a gun toting individual photographed at a Tea Party event.   This is because NBC did not want anyone to know that he was a Black Man.  It wouldn’t fit the Brewer’s narrative  that we’re all a bunch of racist, white homophobes,  who could constitute  threat to Obama’s life.

NBC’s Ed Schultz similarly edited a speech by Rick Perry about the Black Cloud of 14-16 trillion dollars debt, hanging over America.  He chopped out the words about debt on either side of the “Black Cloud” words,  and then stated that Perry was talking about Obama.    Race baiter,  (and misogynist)  Ed Schultz,  still retains his job.

Hat’s off to John Nolte for his triple header — check it out if you want to see  additional evidence of editorial malpractice.  

Arby’s Drops Advertizing with Rush

Arby’s would be doing better if it didn’t keep shooting itself in the foot all the time. The latest e pic Fail is the restaurant chain’s tardy decision to drop advertizing on the Rush Limbaugh show, in response to Rush insulting sluts and prostitutes by comparing Sandra Fluke to them.
Naturally this decision resulted in negative  responses  from people on Twitter. Arbys decided to shoot its other foot for symmetry, says THIS article on the Blaze:  they blocked those who responded negatively to its decision.
Take time to read HERE.. You’ll be laughing at  Arbys  for pretending that if they can’t see the customer complaints, they must not be happening.

Seven Companies Which Will Lose Conservative Customers

The following companies have pulled advertising from Rush Limbaugh due to his characterization of 30 year old reproductive “rights” activist, Sharon Fluke, who chose Georgetown University as in institution in need of leftist, statist oversight. She is demanding that the Catholic affiliated institution pay for her birth control.

Quicken Loans
Sleep Train
Sleep Number
Citrix Systems Inc.

These seven companies, and any others who choose to remove advertising from Rush Limbaugh’s show for the same reason, will be boycotted by yours truly, indefinitely.

Judge throws out Charges against Pro-lifer, Peter D’Attilio

Criminal charges against pro-life activist Peter D’Attilio thrown out by judge.

Mass Resistance has been covering the arrest and prosecution of Peter D’Attilio, for the horrible crime of passing out pro-life bookmarks  at a Catholic fair in Franklin MA. Judge Steven Ostrach, of Wrentham District Court has thrown out the charges and berated the prosecutor for pursuing the case.

You will find the police report most amusing, as it is interspersed with comments from D’Attilio,  who appears to be a disciplined activist with a very orderly mind.

Thomas More Law Center is planning a civil rights lawsuit as a response to the false arrest, and six month delay of the court hearing.

Mass resistance reports that the ATF is now monitoring Peter D’Attilio for the horrible crime of passing out pro-life information. Pharmer guesses that the ATF thinks this guy who opposes killing, is a terrorist.  They have a duty to monitor bookmark distribution, similar to the duty of the TSA to check the underpants of toddlers for bombs.

SOPA: What You Don’t Want

The Stop Online Piracy Act, SOPA, by Lamar Smith as lead author, a Republican who needs a new job, is so bad that even Google doesn’t want it. They’re already pretty used to censorship. Pro-lifers are able to notice the disappearing content. Certain copyright owners such as those in Hollywood, would stand to benefit from SOPA, and have given us a new reason for boycotting them.
Congress is considering a bill which would give copyright owners and the agency that loves themthe ability to have whole websites deprived of advertisers and shot down due to potential infringement on just one page.
Compliance and continued operation would be impossible for sites which are driven by user content. Not only would the cost of policing be prohibitive, no one would want to go there anymore.
Jimmy Wales is contemplating a total Blackout of Wikipedia in protest over SOPA, which could inconvenience a huge number of people, and perhaps generate some email to Congress.
We could save the time, cost and inconvenience of proving the law to be unconstitutional by not allowing it to be passed in the first place. < < Just click and write your Congressman and tell him in flowery language that SOPA sux.