Investment Advice for Abortionists

After an error ridden weekend, as indicated by witness accounts, the U.S. abortion industry needs to reconsider where it allocates this year’s profits.  Pro-lifers spotted four ambulance runs from abortion clinics just this past weekend (Feb 6-7, 2015).  We suspect that this is the tip of the iceberg, since protestors (the eyes of Operation Rescue) can’t be monitoring all clinics all the time.

It’s time for the abortionists to start thinking big, and invest in ambulances.

The folks in Dubai, who are known for doing everything large, might be able to advise on the best deals in fleet purchases.

Ambulances Galore.  Thanks
Ambulances Galore. Thanks


Planned Parenthood Files Lawsuit for Survival of Last Cincinnati Clinic

An Ohio law requires abortion clinics to have an agreement with a hospital for the transfer of patients on an emergency basis.  This regulation has contributed to the closure of Martin Haskell’s clinic in Sharonville, Ohio, and is set to cause the demise of the abortion clinic that Kresge Foundation $$ rebuilt on Auburn Avenue, near Christ Hospital in Cincinnati.

Planned Parenthood has filed a “civil rights” suit challenging the regulation requiring that patients injured in an abortion clinic have a fast track to a hospital.  Planned Parenthood formerly had an agreement with the University of Cincinnati Hospital, but that agreement has ended pursuant to another regulation banning such arrangements with public   hospitals.  The Women’s Med Center in Kettering, Ohio (Dayton’s last abortion clinic)  has a similar lack of patient transfer agreement with a hospital, and is also at risk of being shuttered.

Ohio Right to Life points out that the Federal Judge, Timothy S. Black, an Obama appointee who was chosen to preside over Planned Parenthood’s legal proceedings, has served on the Board of Planned Parenthood Association of Cincinnati, from 1986 to 1989, and part of that time as president.  One wonders if it is proper for a judge to hear a case involving a plaintiff with which he has had a such a direct association.

This Should Be an Out of Pocket Medical Expense

From the compendium of oddities  which fill the emergency departments of hospitals comes the story of a porno addict from Guandong Province in southeastern China.  His tale  tops that of Officer Melia of New Jersey, who apparently had a thing for cows, and Kenneth Pinyan of Washington state, who, uuhhh …… played the wrong game of catch with a stallion.

In fact, this 39 year old man is apparently facing charges of animal cruelty in China for putting a 20 inch, live, Asian swamp eel in the same anatomical location that  Kenneth Pinyan utilized for his sport.  The eel desperately tried to chew his way to freedom, causing a good deal of intestinal injury to his “host”.

“It was still alive when we got it out, but it died soon afterwards, which was probably a mercy,” said a member of the medical team that performed an all night surgical repair on the porn addict.

Apparently the Huffington Post has more on this story, but your friendly Pharmer does not want to go there.

Treatment for this kind of thing should be an out-of pocket-medical expense, but it’s likely covered with no deductible on the platinum plan of Obamacare.

Asian swamp eel (now also "available" in the U.S.)
Asian swamp eel (now also “available” in the U.S.)

Extensive Probings- the Lawsuit


The hose that goes there
Extensive probings

The story of  David Eckert, the New Mexico victim of a colonoscopic drug search continues with a settlement of a portion of his lawsuit.   This is an extremely fast offer from the cops of the city of Deming, and Hildago County, where the probe was conducted.  So far, Mr. Eckert stands to collect 1.6 million dollars.  Suits against GILA REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER and doctors Robert Wilcox, M.D. and Okay Odocha M.D. continue.

Recalling from the initial story of a huge violation of 4th amendment rights, and a massive breach of medical ethics, the above mentioned docs ran a hose from Mr. Eckert’s anus through his large bowel, all the way to his cecum, looking for drugs.  In doing so, they risked the possibility of breaking the bags, if there were any, and killing Mr. Eckert. That was only part of the story of a harrowing night spent in police custody, but not under arrest.

Mr. Eckert deserves to be compensated for this assault upon his person, but there is a  major problem with the settlement thus far.   The taxpayers, who had no part in this crime are the ones who are paying for it.  Perhaps the public will need to be more attentive to the stupidity of its government, law enforcement officials, and ancillary personnel to stop this kind of behavior.

Compare and Contrast these Home “Health Care” Attempts.

A couple charged and may face Jail in New York for illegal home neutering of a dog and cat.  The animals are said to have required extensive veterinary attention after the botched “amateur” operations.

Women on Waves purports that do it yourself home abortion is sufficiently safe using misopristil.  The results of such attempts can be disastrous for the women.

In California, non physicians are now permitted  do surgery on women, if it’s a vacuum aspiration  abortion.This is despite the fact that women sometimes need extensive care in a hospital when the procedure is botched, even if it is done by a “physician”.

Consequences of Methotrexate Use for Pregnancies Misdiagnosed as Ectopic

A group of medical researchers in the U.S. and Canada have collected data on the catastrophic consequences of using methotrexate for pregnancies misdiagnosed as ectopic.

The reasearchers concluded, based on the always dire outcomes,
and frequent misdiagnosis, up to (40-50% in the ER), of ectopic pregnancy, that a non-judgmental system to allow further collection data on errors in the use of methotrexate needs to be collected.   Fear of reprisal severely inhibits the reporting of these cases.

Ectopic pregnancy, occurring when the embryo develops outside the uterus, is  often treated by salpingectomy (removal of  the embryo and fallopian tube), salpingotomy (less drastic), or the use of methotrexate to cause demise of the embryo, and resorption.  Use of this drug has increased drastically in the last 10 years as a means to preserve fertility for the mother.  Controversy surrounds the treatment for those who view it as a direct and specific  attack on the developing human, or for  those who cite the probability of  incorrect use.   Diagnostic emphasis in recent years  seems more geared towards avoiding missed cases of ectopic pregnancy, rather than being most certain  that the pregnancy is actually located outside of  the uterus.

The authors argued that ectopic pregnancy should be substantiated by a confirmatory ultrasound, and methotrexate used only after careful consideration.   They cited  the alway disastrous results of misapplied methotrexate treatment, including deaths of otherwise healthy unborn babies, or babies born with severe skeletal and cardiac defects.

Does this mean that stat orders for methotrexate from emergency departments, and orders of this drug for “possible ectopic pregnancy” should cease altogether?

New York’s Union Death Panel

We’ve been hearing that New York city spent a much longer period locked in by snow than was necessary, due to an intentional work slowdown by protesting union workers.

A group of supervisors with the Sanitation Dept. is under media fire for partying in a van, drinking beer, next to stranded snow plows and vehicles.  Reporting that they had run out of fuel, the guys decided to kick back and enjoy each other’s good company.  That the supervisors felt they could do this reveals something about the chain of command in New York City.

Highlighted in the news were the deaths of an elderly person and a newborn baby who could not receive medical attention during the paralysis of transportation.

The New York  union death panels deserve credit for hundreds of uncounted deaths, and perhaps the inaction of city government was purposeful.

New York is a bankrupt city,  heavy with dependents needing medical and other tax payer assistance.   The fastest way to be rid of these people is to allow natural disasters to take their toll.  Exacerbating problems by inactivity and unresponsiveness of course increases the number of “natural” deaths.

Your friendly Pharmer knows exactly what happens in a hospital during a snow storm.  The rate of new admissions, particularly through the emergency room drops off precipitously.  This  extends for as long as transportation remains  blocked by the weather.

Do people stop having traumatic  injuries, chest pains, diabetic keto-acidosis, psychotic episodes, suicide attempts, births, strokes, and other emergent medical conditions just because it snows?   Of course not!   They simply go unattended and many of them die.

The news will not tell you about Bloomberg’s New York, Union, Death Panel,  which has likely stripped hundreds, or even thousands  of dependent human individuals from the welfare, medicaid, and social security rolls, by delaying cleanup.

That’s one way to deal with a financial crisis.  Expect more of it, especially if health care becomes both government controlled and unionized.

The ACLU Finds Abortion To Be More Essential Than Open Heart Surgery

ACLU Tries to Force Abortions on Catholic Hospitals | Daily News |

This is why the ACLU has been trying to compel Catholic Hospitals to do Abortions,  but has made no move to compel  Any Hospitals  to do open heart procedures.

Many smaller hospitals have to outsource the most complex surgical procedures.    Innumerable human lives have been lost in rural and other remote locations because their needs could not be met at small hospitals or clinics.  But the ACLU has made no move to address this serious problem.  (In addition, the it  has stood behind an administration which seeks to reduce the availability of high tech,  lifesaving care in the entire country as a method of cost containment.)

Instead the ACLU has put forth a stipulation, without evidence, that cutting up a baby and sucking it out can sometimes be necessary to save a woman’s life, and submitted a demand to the Dept of Health and Human Services that abortion be provided by all hospitals as emergency care.

The ACLU’s demand  could close down a lot of emergency rooms, and precipitate  innumerable more deaths from lack of available care, but that is obviously NOT their concern.

Abortion  serves to conceal  abusive sexual practices.  This is what distinguishes abortion from essential services such as open heart or robotic surgery. This is the only possible reason that the ACLU could prioritize abortion so strenuously over other life saving procedures.

Devout Catholics shouldn’t work in Emergency Room says Coakley

This goes into the PHARMER TOLD YA SO FILE…. since conscience rights for health professionals has been my business for years and years.

The leftists do not have room for health care professionals who regard all human life with respect and who would not kill in their practice. In the event of Obamacare, most of us will be compelled to change careers, which will leave patients to deal with the other kind of health care provider.

Martha Coakley weighs in on the topic here.