This Should Be an Out of Pocket Medical Expense

From the compendium of oddities  which fill the emergency departments of hospitals comes the story of a porno addict from Guandong Province in southeastern China.  His tale  tops that of Officer Melia of New Jersey, who apparently had a thing for cows, and Kenneth Pinyan of Washington state, who, uuhhh …… played the wrong game of catch with a stallion.

In fact, this 39 year old man is apparently facing charges of animal cruelty in China for putting a 20 inch, live, Asian swamp eel in the same anatomical location that  Kenneth Pinyan utilized for his sport.  The eel desperately tried to chew his way to freedom, causing a good deal of intestinal injury to his “host”.

“It was still alive when we got it out, but it died soon afterwards, which was probably a mercy,” said a member of the medical team that performed an all night surgical repair on the porn addict.

Apparently the Huffington Post has more on this story, but your friendly Pharmer does not want to go there.

Treatment for this kind of thing should be an out-of pocket-medical expense, but it’s likely covered with no deductible on the platinum plan of Obamacare.

Asian swamp eel (now also "available" in the U.S.)
Asian swamp eel (now also “available” in the U.S.)