Abortion Has Destroyed 117 Million People in the United States | LifeNews.com

Abortion Has Destroyed 117 Million People in the United States | LifeNews.com.

The above article  posits that the economic loss caused by abortion mirrors the national debt.

This is worth consideration by people who wonder how we got into such bad shape  and how we can get back out of it.

Many millions of tax payers, their children and their grandchildren are not here in the time that abortion has been legal in the U.S.

There is no solving the debt crisis without paying attention to social issues.   Social dissolution has decreased revenue and increased government spending.  Greenies worry about the impact of having more children, but neglect the doubling of resources burned by families which are split up by divorce.

ReCycling!! – Environmentalism Gone Sicko

Autopsy: Baby Found Dead On Recycling Conveyor Belt Was Likely Born Alive « CBS Chicago.

Is it a coincidence that the above story occurred in Winnebago County, Illinois, former home of  the  nasty Rockford abortion clinic , recently closed for health violations, and the subsequent firebombing of a prolife church bus??

An autopsy shows that the baby found on a  recycling facility’s conveyor belt was likely born alive, at full term.

Possibly his mom was in an extreme state of mental disarray, or was addicted to drugs.   Perhaps she had a heart for composting and environmental activism.

Who knows why a newborn baby’s body was placed on the conveyer belt at the Total Waste Recycling Center six days ago on Friday?  The baby has been named Noah, and a search is on in Winnebago County to determine who the mother was.

Women on Contraceptive Pill Should Pay $1,500 a Year More Tax – Forbes

Women on Contraceptive Pill Should Pay $1,500 a Year More Tax – Forbes.

Forbes contributor Tim Worstall has proposed that women who use birth control pills should be taxed similarly to other individuals and entities which pollute the water.   This is based on the endocrine disruption effects attributed to hormones which make their way into the general water supply from the urine of pill users.

It’s all about saving the fish from the sex altering effects of steroid hormone metabolites.  The green thing do do is to clean up the water,  and stick contraceptive users with the tab.  The profit margins from pill production are not high enough to cover the clean up so  Mr. Worstall takes manufacturers off the hook.

Unmentioned in the top linked  article is the gender bending effects that the feminizing hormones might be having on male humans.…..  This might be the impetus for the urgency to clean the water.

The EPA Mission to Kill the Coal Industry

Curt Spaulding,  EPA administrator commented to Yale students on the use of the EPA  to kill the coal industry:

“you got to remember if you go to West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and all those places, you have coal communities who depend on coal. And to say that we just think those communities should just go away, we can’t do that. But she had to do what the law and policy suggested. And it’s painful. It’s painful every step of the way.”
How are people going to charge their electric cars after Obama stops coal production??

Photo-op in Cushing Oklahoma- Obama to authorize HALF of the Keystone Pipeline

UPDATE 2-Obama to push US agencies on south Keystone line | Reuters.

Obama appears to think that Americans are stupid. He’s photo-opping today, down in Cushing Oklahoma, to announce that he will prioritize authorization of the southern half of the Keystone pipeline.

Exactly what good is half of the pipeline to Trans Canada can be left up to the Democrats. Only they could come up with a reason why the company would bother to invest in half of the pipeline with no guarantee that they would be allowed to complete it.

Note: Trans Canada has not yet applied to build the Southern leg of the Keystone pipeline and the northern section is being blocked by “concerns” about aquifers below the construction site in Nebraska.

Addressing John Gehring’s Attack on Conservative Catholics

Pharmer spotted the  pretentious  John Gehring  telling us that it is a violation of  Catholic  teaching to support Rick Santorum.

Our CINO (Catholic in name only) lefties continually abuse the seamless garment type of philosophy in order to justify their own political views.
Basically they have supported a pro-abortion, pro-infanticide president and regime, in order to obtain some benefits from his promises to redistribute the wealth. One could compare such people to prostitutes, but that would be an unwarranted insult to the sex workers. CINOs instead forfeit the lives of their fellow humans in order to obtain largess from the government for their own personal interests and gain.

CINOs have pushed for a program of forced redistribution of wealth, which discourages personal charity and relegates the responsibility to a government which has become corrupt.

The greenie CINOs ignore the government’s forcing us to bring toxic levels of mercury into our homes (easily broken compact fluorescent bulbs) in the name of energy efficiency. They also ignore the extreme toxicity of lithium battery production for their greenie cars. They ignore the deaths of millions (from malaria and starvation) caused by irrational risk assessments by environmentalists, who ban pesticides. Those are their late term, human sacrifices to Mother Earth.

The CINOs look to unions to facilitate income redistribution while at the same time supporting tax and regulatory policies which have driven job creating corporations overseas. The Union workers and public sector workers are making much greater salaries on average than those from whom CINOs wish to extract taxes for bailing out the union pension plans. Meanwhile the dearth of U.S. jobs has sent immigrants with legitimate work permits back to Mexico, and American Blacks are suffering  increasingly worse unemployment than Whites.

So far CINOs have not seen much return on their personal investment in wealth redistribution. Pharmer is comforted by the fact that very few of these people will obtain even scraps from the tables of the corrupt politicians to whom they cling.

Lastly, if the Catholic Church really were actually teaching the garbage that John Gehring is expelling, This lifelong Catholic would have already found another religion.

Abby Johnson: Why Private Insurance Does Not Cover Maternity Costs

Secret Planned Parenthood Memo: Stop Maternity Coverage | LifeNews.com.

Abby Johnson, who is rapidly becoming  Planned Parenthood’s worst nightmare,  tells us that health  insurance companies are not offering maternity coverage in their private pay policies.  They have told her that this is due to  an OBAMACARE MANDATE.  (The mandate of which they speak is likely an indirect effect of the new costs and regulations put upon the insurance companies by the health care “reform”.   Some insurance companies have ceased offering private policies altogether, due to the added  regulatory costs. )

This problem reminded Ms. Johnson  of one of those historical memos put out by Planned Parenthood, which they did not wish to become  widespread knowledge.

The Jaffe Memo of 1969 gives a list of recommendations made in response to  a government request that Planned Parenthood provide some proposals to deal with “overpopulation”.  You will see words such as “Compulsory” in there,  and this might even bother those who see abortion as a “choice”.

Upon seeing this memo you will understand that many of the programs are fully implemented or well under way.   Take a look HERE.

Please pass the Jaffe Memo around to your associates, to help others understand the Planned Parenthood agenda.

The American Spectator : Farmers 1, Smelt 0 — For Now

The American Spectator : Farmers 1, Smelt 0 — For Now.

After many  bankrupties and foreclosed farms, 85,000 acres of lost food production, dead fruit and almond trees,  a federal judge, Oliver Wanger,  has ruled against a Fish and Wildlife Service water restriction to the Central Valley.

This economic disaster was all about supposed population declines of  a two inch California Delta  smelt, and a guess as to  the cause.  Water exports to the Central Valley were cut off for four years causing masssive crop and orchard destruction, and 40% unemployment in the immediate area.

Certainly the environmentalists, hell bent on maintaining the destruction, (because there are too many humans), will be proceeding to the 9th circuit court with this case.

Vice President Joe Biden doesn’t know who Van Jones is | Local News – The Schnitt Show

Vice President Joe Biden doesn’t know who Van Jones is | Local News – The Schnitt Show.

Remember Van Jones,  Obama’s Green Jobs advisor?  the “Green Czar” was appointed in 2009, but like so many, is no longer with the Obama administration. His past activism, (Marxism, STORM, 911 Truther) was found to be embarrassing.  With the big disaster of the Solyndra bankruptcy, and the apparent cozy kickbacks to Dems coming from green companies receiving federal funds, you think Joe Biden would remember who this guy is.  The financial relationship of  green corporations to the Dems has the White house in hot water right now.

Here ya go….. Biden is clueless: