Only Oil Companies Prosecuted for Migratory Bird Deaths, Wind Farms Immune.

Wind Companies Not Presecuted for Killing Birds |

More craziness from the government is their prosecution of North Dakota Oil companies for the deaths of 28 birds in their oil waste pits.  The Migratory Bird Treaty Act exacts 6 months in prison and $15,000 fine for each charge.

It is estimated that 400,000 fowl (including eagles)  annually are  converted to bird-burgers by windmills.   The Wind Farms, being the favored green energy producers, are immune from reprisals for their negative impact on the environment.

U.S. Attorney, Timothy Purdon, who is pursuing the oil companies,  is unaffected by the obvious discrimination and unequal application of laws.

Solyndra execs will decline to testify at hearing | Agricultural Commodities | Reuters

Solyndra execs will decline to testify at hearing | Agricultural Commodities | Reuters.

Solyndra is the Green energy company which went bankrupt very shortly after receiving $535 million dollars in federal grants.

The CEO and other top officers plan to utilize 5th amendment rights when called up for the Friday Congressional hearings.

Obviously there is quite a bit to hide….. such as the method for losing a half billion dollars in government funds.

The FBI has raided the homes of company officers, and very surprisingly the mainstream media  is carrying the death story of this company which was highlighted by Obama as part of his green energy programs.

Some have concluded that with the media no longer performing stenography for the White House,  Obama might decline to run for a second term.

Coal Mine Owner Ronnie Bryant Tells Feds – ‘I’m Just Quitting’ |

Coal Mine Owner Ronnie Bryant Tells Feds – ‘I’m Just Quitting’ |

You can hear  this mine owner tell the Feds himself….. there’s too much opposition to coal mining.  He is refusing to open up a mine that would employ 125 miners, because the the regulation and public opposition to this form of energy production is too high.  Obama’s vendetta against coal energy production has made its mark.

Our urban Gaia worshipers  are going to find themselves in the cold and dark some winter, with their electric cars stuck in the garage.


Al Gore Cult of Climate Change, recommends fertility management

Here is a bit of gibberish from Al Gore, recommending that women have fewer kids to combat climate change.. in a nation which is falling below replacement rate.

Would someone remind Al Gore of the terrible toll that divorce takes on the environment, as the natural resources used by each family increase by half, due to divided dwellings and schedules.
Of particular concern is Al Gore’s own GINORMOUS DIVORCE.

Worthless “News” @ Vancouver Sun

Could the Net be killing the planet one web search at a time?.

The article linked above starts with the unwarranted  presumption that mankind causes global warming.

It proceeds with hand wringing over a claim that the internet now consumes 3 percent of the world’s electricity and it could be killing the planet.

The obvious:   The internet has so streamlined commerce, shipping and communications  that this has easily made up for all the electricity consumed by internet users and servers.

Maybe it would be a good idea for  Greenpeace to put themselves to productive use by attending to environmental hazard caused by the battery production and disposal.

By the way….. Check out this Climate Change Religious Radical who wants to have all of us  TATTOOED, for not believing the fake  data pumped out by the frauds at East Anglia.   Someone needs to show him Al Gore’s 9 million dollar property overlooking the Pacific.


How Climate Change Guru, Al Gore, Got Where He Is Today

Transcript: Al Gore Got ‘D’ in ‘Natural Sciences’ at Harvard |

Those of us who actually have  worked  in the science fields took the real science courses in college and grad school, and we had alternate names for the ‘science’ courses, which people in other fields took just to satisfy general requirements.

For those other students, there were  the natural science classes…. which might be earth science, environmental sciences,  and the one in which Al Gore scored  a D at Harvard…….. “Mans Place in Nature”.

When he was a senior, AlGore gave it a second try, and got a C+ in Natural Sciences 118.

Gore’s college board achievement testing yielded stellar scores of 488/800 in physics, and 519/800 in chemistry.

All of this amazing background and training is the basis for Gore’s incorrect conclusions about the weather (climate change), for which he obtained a Nobel PEACE (can we stay on topic?) prize.

(Obama’s academic  records are apparently too abysmal to present to the public, if they exist at all.)

UCLA Professor, John Emstrom Fired for Promulgating His Scientific Research

Will a UCLA Prof Lose His Job For Sticking to Science Over Politics? | The Blaze.


UCLA retaliated against one of its own professors, Dr. John Emstrom, of the Department of Environmental Health Sciences, for presenting his research to the California Air Resources Board, (CARB). This agency is in the process of further damaging the California economy by enforcing standards of diesel engine particulate emissions which are not based upon rationality nor current research data.

A look at the above video will show you that not all is right with CARB, and its staff of bogus experts.

Who Would You Rather Have Living In Your Neighborhood?

August 28 vs Oct 2, the aftermath in Washington DC at the exit of a huge crowd of teapartiers and supporters of the military, compared to that at the exit of the “One Nation” democrat socialists.

Who would you want living next to you, a nice teapartier, or one of these environmentally conscious Democrats?
Need a little more convincing?
OK, here you are.

After the Obama Inauguration: SHOVEL-READY!

After the 9-12 teaparty:

Head on over to NewsBusters to check out the overhead crowd shots of the Glen Beck Rally Vs the One Nation of socialists Rally.
That’ll give you some serious perspective when comparing the aftermath shots.