Abby Johnson: Why Private Insurance Does Not Cover Maternity Costs

Secret Planned Parenthood Memo: Stop Maternity Coverage |

Abby Johnson, who is rapidly becoming  Planned Parenthood’s worst nightmare,  tells us that health  insurance companies are not offering maternity coverage in their private pay policies.  They have told her that this is due to  an OBAMACARE MANDATE.  (The mandate of which they speak is likely an indirect effect of the new costs and regulations put upon the insurance companies by the health care “reform”.   Some insurance companies have ceased offering private policies altogether, due to the added  regulatory costs. )

This problem reminded Ms. Johnson  of one of those historical memos put out by Planned Parenthood, which they did not wish to become  widespread knowledge.

The Jaffe Memo of 1969 gives a list of recommendations made in response to  a government request that Planned Parenthood provide some proposals to deal with “overpopulation”.  You will see words such as “Compulsory” in there,  and this might even bother those who see abortion as a “choice”.

Upon seeing this memo you will understand that many of the programs are fully implemented or well under way.   Take a look HERE.

Please pass the Jaffe Memo around to your associates, to help others understand the Planned Parenthood agenda.