Reason for cancelling the order for that fancy bathtub

If you ever ordered a clawfoot bathtub that came without the claw feet, please put a comment below this post.

Your friendly Pharmer went to Signature Hardware, in Erlanger Kentucky, a couple weeks ago (9/20/17) to purchase a new tub.  The cast iron claw foot tub in our bathroom has seen better days, and the finish is decaying.  No debridement could save this tub.  It’s past time for a replacement.   So the very nice sales representative at Signature spoke with me at length about a new one, and we went to the warehouse to pick one out from a group of them which were in stock, settling on a Donnelly model with a smooth finish, and a work order to drill an overfill hole in tub.   After a good deal of work trying to get the bathtub plus the work order into their system, I went on my merry way, expecting that tub to be delivered fairly quickly, with the hope that we could install it before a party to be held at the house.

Not a chance.  Today, just  I dialed up the lady who sold me the tub.  No answer.  So I dialed customer service  just before noon, and the lady who answered me was able to correctly identify my name from my phone number and pull up my invoice right away.  She seemed to understand the issue with the order, referencing a special note on it concerning the work order.    She told me that she would have the lady who sold the tub to me call me back when she traced what was going on with the order.

Nope……… no call back.  So I dialed both numbers again just before 5pm.  This time, the customer service rep seemed unable to find my number, asked for my name twice, and finally found the order, after I explained that the first rep could find my name and the order from my phone number.  After investigating, she told me that my tub had not been shipped because they were waiting for the claw feet to be shipped to them. 

This is why I initially asked if  any readers have ever been shipped a claw foot tub without the feet. (Some tubs have screw on feet, but one would expect them to be packed with the tub.)   The Donnelly tub that I saw in the warehouse, (which I explained to the rep) came with the feet attached (welded on, in fact). She then put me on hold for consultation with her supervisor. Returning to the phone, she admitted that the warehouse supervisor remembered showing me that tub, among others, and that there were four of them in stock.

Despite the rep saying that the tub might ship by Monday, (which she later admitted was not likely),  I decided to cancel my order.  The missing claw story bothered me.  There were obviously no separate claw feet on the order, since none were required for a tub with welded on feet. Was that a stock explanation for late or missing orders?

Moral of the story, Signature Hardware people………. don’t make up strange lies about why y’all screwed up an order and forgot to send it.  It destroys your credibility with the customer.

Revisiting Leftist Democrat Abuse of Their Female Elder

Obama speechwriter, John Favreau gives us a giant, nauseating dollop of leftist hypocrisy.

Feelie exhibitionist John Favreau says that Trump is gross
Feelie exhibitionist, John Favreau says that Trump is gross

If you’re a leftie like Favreau, you can conduct any kind of disrespectful action towards a woman, have it photographed, and willfully DISPLAY it on your FACEBOOK page. After your employers make you apologize for it, and take it down, you are then absolved of all your transgressions, and may then judge when another person uses a Yiddish word for penis to describe that same woman being defeated, and basically screwed by the party for which she sacrificed all of her own honor and credibility.

Here’s Jon Favreau, Obama speech writer, groping the breast area of a cardboard cut out of Hillary, as celebration of Obama’s victory over her. This pic did survive for a couple hours on Favreau’s Facebook page before he was made to take it down. Perhaps he thinks that Trump was wrong to say that the Democrat party “schlonged” Hillary in 2008. Perhaps they only groped her private places before they threw her into the ditch, and put Obama in the place that had been promised to her.

Obama Chief Speechwriter, Jon Favreau Gropes Cut-out of Hillary Clinton
Obama Chief Speechwriter, Jon Favreau Gropes Cut-out of Hillary Clinton

In leftie-land, it is a lot easier to forgive any abuse or disrespect of women if the perpetrator supports abortion. That gave Bill Clinton a pass for much worse than Jon Favreau’s tacky performance.

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Did Larry Beat Harry? Inquiring Minds Want to Know

Harry Reid's Original and modified explanatios involving large rubber bands
Harry Reid’s original and modified explanations of his head and rib injuries involved  the use of large rubber bands in the bathroom.

An alternate theory to explain how Harry Reid lost the sight in one eye, and obtained a concussion and broken ribs has surfaced.  It appears that on New Years Eve, near the time  that Harry was said to be  injured, his brother Larry was apparently seen at an AA meeting, (not far from the home of his brother Harry).  “Larry” was said to be  intoxicated, to have  blood on his clothing and a swollen hand.  On New Years Day, Larry Reid was was arrested for assaulting a highway patrolman near Searchlight Nevada.  People at the AA meeting thought not much Larry mentioning a fight with a family member, and his fear that the secret service would be after him.  Later, when the story of Harry Reid’s injuries surfaced,  the pieces seemed to fit into an explanation of his injuries which is more plausible than the exercise rubber band, bathroom story.

The U.S. has Too Many Health Care Givers

This is why Obama seems be acting to get rid of them.

In fact, Obama’s manner of dealing with Ebola is calculated to select against the lives of the most caring and dedicated physicians, nurses and other personnel……. the ones who would accept more personal risk in order to care for patients with communicable diseases.

If you like your doctor for his dedication……….. there’s more chance that you could lose your doctor to Ebola infection, thanks to Obama.

While you are waiting for this to happen, enjoy Tom Frieden, the incompetent head of the CDC, as he tells us: you can’t catch Ebola from another passenger on a bus, but…… those with Ebola should stay off of public transportation in order not to spread the disease.   This self contradiction occurs within a 30 second span, during an interview.


Media Coverup: The Inherent Racism of Leftists

One of several important reasons a person should avoid affiliation with leftists is the inherent racism, sexism, and bigotry which is the basis for their social policies and personal functioning.

Leftists consider non-whites to be livestock, and treat them as such.  The left desires to herd (to the cities), feed (food stamps EBT SNAP), house, provide health care (birth control and abortions), various ethic and racial groups, and keep them as voter stock.

The media serves as cover whenever the leftist racism bubbles to the surface in their words. Certainly they have been effective in training people to believe that the conservatives, who want everyone to be free to achieve self actualization, are the oppressors, while the paternalistic left, which pushes down or kills  anyone who wants to work hard and achieve, is seen as benevolent.  In fact, non-white conservatives, who respect the family, and oppose the herding of minorities, are said to be selling out their own people.

Here is your chance to see how the media covers  up  the racist gaffes of Harry Reid, Gary King, and Joe Biden. Desperate leftie  politicians, with possible dementia reducing their ability to filter speech, have been firing off offensive comments right and left, lately, and  has been cataloging the remarks and the lack of media response.  Click the links to see: it’s still pre-civil-rights-era in the brains of the lefties.

Living in lie-cloud of the lamestream media has left many minority groups completely confused about who is REALLY holding them down in present day America.

What Your Pharmacist Doesn’t Know about Plan B

The folks at a major healthcare professional  education provider were scooped by Mother Jones and, prior to that, by yours truly, regarding the ineffectiveness of Plan B ONE-STEP for the bigger girls.

They had to update their not so good analysis of the morning after pills and …. it’s still not so good. If they were offering compensation, yours truly would tell them more, but this example is blogged to illustrate a single point. The public should know that their busy health care professionals are treated like mushrooms: kept in the dark and fed B.S. concerning birth control in general.

 Pharmacists have to think about a concept of steady state when asked by physicians to dose antibiotics and other drugs, or if they work in the field of drug development. Steady state is the condition during which the intake of a drug is in a sort of equilibrium with the output or the elimination of the drug. This assumes regular dosing of the drug. Steady state generally occurs after several doses and after about 5 times the half life of the drug. Ideally drug levels at steady state are high enough to be effective, and low enough to be ‘non-toxic’.

Casting about for the reason why Plan B ONE STEP doesn’t work in American women of average size or greater, the team at this Professional Education Provider, led by N B O’ Pharm.D., BCPS,wrote the following:

“The exact mechanism for the reduced efficacy seen in overweight and obese women using levonorgestrel is not known. One proposed mechanism is that in women with an increased BMI, there is a delay in time to steady state and a prolonged half-life as seen in studies with combined oral contraceptives.21″

This nonsensically applied  idea was blamed on the article below, which covered birth control hormones in general, and addressed the drugs that females take orally every day, or those which continuously supply hormone(s) to the body,  such as patches and depot injections.

Edelman AB, Cherala G, Stanczyk FZ. Metabolism and pharmacokinetics of contraceptive steroids in obese women: a review. Contraception 2010;82:314-23.

Some poor PharmD educator is talking about STEADY STATE with respect to a drug which is taken in a single dose : Plan B ONE STEP!! 

Steady State Never Happens with a single such dose!

This is just a single example but it illustrates the point.

 1) Most of your health care professionals are generally lost in the weeds regarding birth control, and don’t know what they’re talking about. That includes the ones who really SHOULD know what they’re talking about.

 Bonus) Be assured that birth control generally does not work as well in real life as the studies claim, and many factors contribute to this.

Please consider adjusting life style and reproductive planning with at least these two facts in mind.


Cursing the Children – The Party that Brought You Obamacare

When the Lefties  tell you about how much they care for the children, remind yourself that this love and compassion often comes  to a screeching halt when they lose their tempers.

Professor David Guth is suspended at the University of Kansas for his response to the (Obama supporting) gunman who killed a douzen peole at the Navy Yard in Washington DC.

He tweeted:  “#Navyyartshooting  The Blood is on the hands of the #NRA. Next time, let it be YOUR sons and daughters. Shame on you. May God Damn you.” 

What a delightful guy.  He was even able to embarrass a University with his vitriol.  David Guth, who stands by his tweet,  is the poster boy of academic tenure.

Next up is Allan Brauer, the current communications chairman of the Sacramento, CA Democrat party.  Check out what he had to say Amanda Carpenter, in response to her tweet exhorting Republicans to stop Obamacare.  Allan’s first luminous COMMUNICATION:  “@amandacarpenter May your children all die from debilitating, painful and incurable diseases.” Amanda Carpenter  retweeted his curse, saying that he “deserves some unfollows” from Twitter-ites.   You’ll have to click the above link to see Allan’s further replies, which describe infestations by cestodes  and pthiris species.   This Dem Communicator has perhaps been cruising the underbelly of the internet too long, and has REALLY forgotten how to behave in public.

Later, feeling a loss of popularity, Allan Brauer apologized for the death curse on Amanda Carpenter’s kids, but, as of this afternoon, no  such statement was forthcoming from the Sacramento Dems, nor California Democratic Party spokesman.

Breitbart Celebrates -The Leftie Media Catching Up in the Pigford USDA Fraud story.

In 2010, Andrew Breitbart got into a fight with the NAACP, charging them with their very own racism.  He published a video showing an NAACP audience  which had cheered a statement in a speech by Shirley Sherrod  mentioning an initial desire  to refuse to help a white farmer in her capacity as USDA Director of Rural Development in Georgia.  Not withstanding Breitbart’s accompanying  statement that Ms. Sherrod  actually decided that she would render aid to that farmer, the lefties attempted to spin his message against the NAACP attitudes as an attack on Shirley Sherrod. An apparent basis for their spin  is the leftist assumption that their constituency cannot read, and could only take in  the video clip.   This fight grew into a firestorm, and eventually  led to Breitbart’s  investigation into a class action lawsuit of discrimination against Black farmers, from which Sherrod  and her husband had benefited to the tune of $13 million, prior to her being hired by the USDA.

This was the Pigford v. Glickman decision, which morphed into the most bloated civil rights settlement in history.

While an expected 2000 Black farmers who had been thought to suffer discrimination from the USDA’s loan grant policies, the number of applicants for payouts ballooned to 16,000.    In  2008,  Senator Obama sponsored legislation was passed, which  allowed another 70,000 people to qualify for settlements stemming from this original USDA decision.  This latter law allowed Ms. Sherrod the larger $13 million windfall from the government.

The huge numbers of people benefiting from the original Pigford and Glickman payout by the USDA  massively exceeded the total number of Black Farmers in the United States.  Breitbart had uncovered one more government boondoggle paying out billions of dollars to more than double the total 40,000 black farmers in the U.S.  He published a series of articles explaining the government fraud, which was ignored by the mainstream media, except FOX.

Now that the    New York Times has finally caught up to this web of government fraud, and payment of agricultural settlement money to people who were never farmers, is celebrating today that the lamestream media has finally noticed.  One problem with their own article is the suggestion in the headline, that the story in the New York TImes “Vindicates ” Breitbart. Wrong!………. The headline should indicate instead that the New York Times is finally catching up with Breitbart.
The erroneous idea that the NYT  is the news of record is something which needs to be corrected.
The “Gray Lady” has been exhibiting signs of dementia for years.

Lefties Are At It Again: Claiming Without Proof that Rape Is An Efficient Means of Reproduction

The  leftie press is cooking another republican, this time, Celeste Greig, president of the California Republican Assembly.  She stated that the she thought pregnancies from rape are rare, due to the violence of the act, and the “body is traumatized”, while at the same time criticizing Akin for using the wrong word about rape.

Like Pavlov’s dogs, the Republican party will hear the bell rung by the leftist media, as dinner is served, and immediately begin salivating and eating their own.  This time, the entree is  a smaller portion: a little female politician but look for them to devour her just the same.

The media knows they totally HAVE the republican party on this, and they know how to keep the republicans gnoshing on their  own people, and driving the rest of us away from the party in disgust at the cannibalism.   Dems would be crazy not to keep doing what works.

There is no definitive conclusion on the rate of pregnancy resulting from rape, because there is  no systematic retrospective study. The idea that stress and trauma decrease fertility has come from physicians who noted that in the old days (prior to legalized abortion on demand) they did not encounter very many pregnancies from rape, and sought to explain why. Meanwhile, some leftists have tried to claim that rape actually is associated with greater fertility. At the same time, these people buy into all sorts of alternative medicine, stress relieving regimens in order to gain health. Is rape a stress reliever to them, that increases physiological efficiency?

Why it has suddenly become a sin to repeat an idea which seems to fit with so much of the rest of medicine, telling us to reduce stress in our lives in order to achieve health and optimum bodily function?

Why have the republicans adopted the practice of eating their own, at the behest of the leftists?

Yours truly is not impressed nor cowed by shrieking lefties who put all sorts of unstated ideas into the mouths of those who think that sex from violent rape is not a very efficient means of reproduction.
Your friendly Pharmer is  even less impressed by the entire body of leftists which supports planned parenthood and its concealment of child sex abuse, incest and rape, as well as its support for pimps managing their sex-slaves. Yes, you can find the successful lawsuits, the audio recordings, and the videos online. The abortionists been observed in their own habitat…. with hidden cameras, in a manner harking back to the work of Jane Goodall and her primates.

Not so far from now, when we’re in the same unsustainable, population decline as Russia and Japan, we can look forward to a dementedly unethical, leftist clinician designing a prospective study of the influence of rape on pregnancy rate.