ABC hides Michelle Obama’s Gaffe

Michelle Obama weighed in on the death of Hadiya Pendleton in a Chicago gangland shooting, during a Good Morning America interview.   The televised version was edited to remove Michelle’s false claim that automatic weapons were involved, while the web version retains the gaffe.   In fact,  the shooter used a handgun, which was not an automatic weapon,  to fire on people who were not involved in his gang war.

ABC claims that the editing was done for time constraints.

Caught by the Washington Examiner:

The ABC broadcast edition

“She was standing out in a park with her friends in a neighborhood blocks away from where my kids grow – grew – up, where our house is. And she was caught in the line of fire. I just don’t want to keep disappointing our kids in this country. I want them to know that we put them first.”

The ABC web edition with gaffe included.

“She was standing out in a park with her friends in a neighborhood blocks away from where my kids…grew up, where our house is. She had just taken a chemistry test. And she was caught in the line of fire because some kids had some automatic weapons they didn’t need,” she said. “I just don’t want to keep disappointing our kids in this country. I want them to know that we put them first.”


Amateur Oddsmakers Shift Bets to the Ravens

Niners CB says openly gay players would not be welcomed on the team – Yahoo! Sports.

Big political incorrectness  from Chris Culliver of the San Francisco 49ers, who suggests that openly gay football players would not have a welcoming reception in the locker room, may have an effect on the Superbowl outcome.

People  are moving their bets to the Ravens, thinking that morale of  the 49ers will be crushed under the weight of bad press.

In an attempt to forestall the flood of media castigation, an apology from Culliver has been issued.   The 49ers assure fans that they proudly support the LGBT community.


Surprise: Obama Goes Shooting ‘All the Time,’ He Claims -Breitbart


Surprise: Obama Goes Shooting ‘All the Time,’ He Claims.

He says the shoot-fests happen at Camp David.

It’s Man’s Country.

Pharmer is wondering where  Matt Drudge, Jerome Corsi and Kevin DuJan will run with this.

Here’s one answer…..

Breitbart tries to keep it clean.

such a super soaker


UPDATE….. We are laughing at New Republic for trying to pawn off a fake photo of Obama wielding a shotgun, and almost keeling over.  Could this have been their idea of what happens to him after firing?  Caught at The Weekly Standard.

This gun is tooooooo big for Barry

MORE UPDATE: Insiders who have seen Obama’s limited shooting at Camp David state that he could not have appeared more UNcomfortable handling a gun. He put himself through a 5 minute ordeal during a traditional shooting event (The President’s Cup) with the Marine guards.
See that report HERE.

Barry can’t let it go UPDATE:   White House provides that Once in a lifetime shot of Obama firing a shotgun.   The pic has so many caveats and restrictions attached that the media might not be showing it for long.

Party at Twitchy– users are photo-ENHANCING Obama’s pic.  Fun stuff HERE.

Reason TV Nanny of the Month: Michael Bloomberg

Nanny of the Month: Bloomberg Halts Private Donations to Homeless Shelters.  <— video linked here

Pro-lifers know there’s Nothing Right about  NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg.  This is the guy who has been harassing crisis pregnancy centers for years, and wanted to force the ob-gyn medical students in his city to participate in abortions as part of their training.  He wouldn’t touch his Planned Parenthoods, however,  even after Live Action Films busted one of them for aiding the sexual abuse of minors.

We’d call Bloomberg an oddly inconsistent nanny, even with his supposed concern for the well rounded diets of New York’s homeless.    He has banned private food donations to the city’s homeless shelters.   Apparently the  fare in the dumpsters is considered more healthy than the  food donations from area restaurants which have been supplied for generations, out of neighborly concern.


Biden (Gaffe Machine): We “Screwed Up” Conscience Issues in the Mandate

Biden: We "Screwed Up" Conscience Issues in the Mandate |

What’s the current state of Obama’s HHS mandate to force insurance companies to cover birth control / abortifacients /sterilizations?

Life News kicks a comprehensive article off with Biden’s admission that the initial mandate was a screw up, and that he didn’t do his job. He’s not smart enough to know that the insurance mandate in its current form is equally as bad, and equally unconstitutional. He’s also not smart enough to know how many religiously run health care institutions offer self insured employee health care coverage. Yes, Biden is a gaffe machine in word and in deed.

Other highlights: Blunt amendment has been tabled and it is coming around again under a new name: Respect for Rights of Conscience Act.

In the house, The Fortenberry bill is the most well supported remedy to overturn the HHS amendment.

There are even some Democrats who have seen the light, and understand that Obama’s egregious violation of the First Amendment, is a negative drag on their efforts for reelection in 2012.

Obama’s New Budget Director Undermines Obama Health Care Argument to Supreme Court

There’s an old law, called the Anti Injunction Act which says the courts can’t rule on a suit about a tax until the aggrieved persons have already had to pay the tax.

This should not apply to the health care mandate because that is not an actual tax, but is a demand that people buy health insurance and a penalty if they do not.

Obamanator’s lawyers are arguing that the health care mandate is a tax, and asking for the lawsuits against it to be thrown out. If they were right about this, further court ruling on this matter would be delayed until after April 2015, after Obamacare kicks in, and when the penalties are starting to be paid.

Office of Management and Budget Director, Jeffrey Zients was interviewed by Republican (NJ) Rep. Scott Garrett on C Span in Congress, regarding The new Obama budget which claims no new taxes for people making under $250,000 dollars.
Garrett assked Zients if a person making less than that amount does not buy health care and has to pay the mandated fine, is that a tax??? Zients said “NO” it’s not a tax.

Rep. Garrett pointed out that the Obama administration is arguing the OPPOSITE before the Supreme Court, to defend the Health Care Mandate.

Pharmer would like to point out something to the Bishops…. who would have been doing cartwheels if socialized healthcare could have been obtained without the birth control / abortion mandate. If this new budget director had any direction from the White house, Obama cares more about getting reelected than he does about accomplishing the implementation of his socialized medicine scheme. Defending the funding of the program in the Supreme court depends on calling the fine a tax. But the budget (a campaign ploy which the congress has to reject) purports NOT to raise taxes on most Americans. The health care fine / tax hits the lowest income Americans, who cannot afford health care coverage, the hardest. The Obama administration has opted to sell the 2012 budget/campaign ploy harder than means of funding Obamacare.

Read THIS, for more fun in Congress, with Jeffrey Zeints.

What #40dollars Means to Americans · whitehouse · Storify

What #40dollars Means to Americans · whitehouse · Storify.

You can use this venue, or tweet to #40dollars to tell what 40 extra dollars a month allows you to do.
This is a scam to glorify a two month extension on the payroll tax relief in December last year.

Rush Limbaugh highlighted the ignorance of the fraudulent O-Bots who were tweeting how they could use the 40 bucks. One of them tweeted about paying his internet bill for his own little business, so it could keep going. Rush pointed out that this tax relief is for employees only, not for the self employed.

Pharmer has some fun in mind……
Why not tweet what you think the left-guys are doing with this money? (buying Plan B One-step from Shippensburg U vending machine for their underage dates.)

What are the Occupooper demonstrators doing with their pay roll tax relief? Oops, they don’t work, so this doesn’t apply.

What they’re doing in Obama’s old neighborhood? #40dollars helps pay monthly dues at Man’s Country in Chicago.

Campus Progress tweet: #40dollars helped pay for metronidazole 2 gram, and azithromycin 1 gram. Next!!

Tweet your fun stuff with hashtag #40dollars.

Do you want to have more fun with the Obama Truth Propaganda network? Go to Obama’s whitehouse website and tell them more about that 40 dollars pulled from the social security funding mechanism, and how it could be spent NOW.