Obama’s New Budget Director Undermines Obama Health Care Argument to Supreme Court

There’s an old law, called the Anti Injunction Act which says the courts can’t rule on a suit about a tax until the aggrieved persons have already had to pay the tax.

This should not apply to the health care mandate because that is not an actual tax, but is a demand that people buy health insurance and a penalty if they do not.

Obamanator’s lawyers are arguing that the health care mandate is a tax, and asking for the lawsuits against it to be thrown out. If they were right about this, further court ruling on this matter would be delayed until after April 2015, after Obamacare kicks in, and when the penalties are starting to be paid.

Office of Management and Budget Director, Jeffrey Zients was interviewed by Republican (NJ) Rep. Scott Garrett on C Span in Congress, regarding The new Obama budget which claims no new taxes for people making under $250,000 dollars.
Garrett assked Zients if a person making less than that amount does not buy health care and has to pay the mandated fine, is that a tax??? Zients said “NO” it’s not a tax.

Rep. Garrett pointed out that the Obama administration is arguing the OPPOSITE before the Supreme Court, to defend the Health Care Mandate.

Pharmer would like to point out something to the Bishops…. who would have been doing cartwheels if socialized healthcare could have been obtained without the birth control / abortion mandate. If this new budget director had any direction from the White house, Obama cares more about getting reelected than he does about accomplishing the implementation of his socialized medicine scheme. Defending the funding of the program in the Supreme court depends on calling the fine a tax. But the budget (a campaign ploy which the congress has to reject) purports NOT to raise taxes on most Americans. The health care fine / tax hits the lowest income Americans, who cannot afford health care coverage, the hardest. The Obama administration has opted to sell the 2012 budget/campaign ploy harder than means of funding Obamacare.

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