Lefties Are At It Again: Claiming Without Proof that Rape Is An Efficient Means of Reproduction

The  leftie press is cooking another republican, this time, Celeste Greig, president of the California Republican Assembly.  She stated that the she thought pregnancies from rape are rare, due to the violence of the act, and the “body is traumatized”, while at the same time criticizing Akin for using the wrong word about rape.

Like Pavlov’s dogs, the Republican party will hear the bell rung by the leftist media, as dinner is served, and immediately begin salivating and eating their own.  This time, the entree is  a smaller portion: a little female politician but look for them to devour her just the same.

The media knows they totally HAVE the republican party on this, and they know how to keep the republicans gnoshing on their  own people, and driving the rest of us away from the party in disgust at the cannibalism.   Dems would be crazy not to keep doing what works.

There is no definitive conclusion on the rate of pregnancy resulting from rape, because there is  no systematic retrospective study. The idea that stress and trauma decrease fertility has come from physicians who noted that in the old days (prior to legalized abortion on demand) they did not encounter very many pregnancies from rape, and sought to explain why. Meanwhile, some leftists have tried to claim that rape actually is associated with greater fertility. At the same time, these people buy into all sorts of alternative medicine, stress relieving regimens in order to gain health. Is rape a stress reliever to them, that increases physiological efficiency?

Why it has suddenly become a sin to repeat an idea which seems to fit with so much of the rest of medicine, telling us to reduce stress in our lives in order to achieve health and optimum bodily function?

Why have the republicans adopted the practice of eating their own, at the behest of the leftists?

Yours truly is not impressed nor cowed by shrieking lefties who put all sorts of unstated ideas into the mouths of those who think that sex from violent rape is not a very efficient means of reproduction.
Your friendly Pharmer is  even less impressed by the entire body of leftists which supports planned parenthood and its concealment of child sex abuse, incest and rape, as well as its support for pimps managing their sex-slaves. Yes, you can find the successful lawsuits, the audio recordings, and the videos online. The abortionists been observed in their own habitat…. with hidden cameras, in a manner harking back to the work of Jane Goodall and her primates.

Not so far from now, when we’re in the same unsustainable, population decline as Russia and Japan, we can look forward to a dementedly unethical, leftist clinician designing a prospective study of the influence of rape on pregnancy rate.