After Apparent Missile Attack on Malaysian Airliner, Consider Behavior Modification

This would be the best recourse for people at high risk of HIV.  Men who have sex with men, have 19 times greater chance of contracting this horrendous disease, according to the World Health Organization Sex workers appear to have a 14 times greater susceptibility, and the incidence is 50 times higher among transgender women.

What relation does this have to the loss of the Malaysian Airliner?  About a hundred of the passengers aboard that plane were HIV researchers flying to a big International AIDS Conference in Australia.  The list includes Dr. Joep Lange, former president of the International AIDS Society, and WHO spokesman, Glenn Thomas were among those lost.   This is a big disaster from the standpoint of medical progress in combating HIV, as well as a personal tragedy for many thousands of people.

Your friendly Pharmer, always a big fan of preventative medicine, suggests behavior modification as a means of preventing infection with HIV, (a rather fastidious bug) which, barring assaults, is not too difficult to avoid in most cases.

The  effects of this act of war on the Malaysian Airlines flight  MH 17 will ripple outward for many generations.

Cover Oregon, Obamacare Model for the Nation

Oregon was one of the recipients of an “early innovator grant” because it’s Obamacare exchange was to become a model for the nation.   Dan Riehl at says that this promise was never fulfilled, but Pharmer disagrees.  The Cover Oregon Debacle really IS an Obamacare model which will be followed by other states, and they will crash and burn too, as originally designed.  Obamacare is the planned failure which precedes a push for completely socialized medicine.

Listed among the achievements of Cover Oregon is a non functional website which has failed in enrolling even a single citizen of that state.  They have, using paper forms, and 500 additional employees, managed to accidentally sign up about 4000 illegal aliens.

So far, this state exchange has gotten $305 million in federal grants (our money) and has burned $160 million on a failed website.  It appears that the Feds will have to take over their stellar state exchange– the ultimate bail out.  Expect more of the same from other states.

Sebelius Can’t Take It Anymore

Kathleen Sebelius has “resigned” her position as Secretary of Health and Human Services, after delivering the failed offering of Obamacare to the public. The exhausting sessions in front of Congress, giving made up numbers and self contradictory statements have taken their toll. She can’t take the public “floggings” anymore.
After existing private insurance plans, made illegal by Obamacare have been pulled, many people are unable to sign up or afford the government designed alternatives. While the government is claiming that 7 million people have signed up, it seems that the exchanges, with their lack of ability to make collections and actually make the connections of people with their supposed new insurance plans, lack the ability to enumerate who has paid, and who actually has active health insurance.
Possibly Sebelius has grown tired of making up stories about Obama’s train wreck health care plan. More likely, she’s symbolic sacrifice to relieve the downward pressure that Obamacare is having on Democrat election chances this November.

sebelius websites for dummies - Memphis Daily News
sebelius websites for dummies – Memphis Daily News

New Standards for Hypertension Treatment

Millions could go off blood pressure meds – Yahoo News.

New ‘guidelines’ for treatment of hypertension has pushed blood pressure targets to 150/90 rather than 140/90, in adults over age 60.  According to an estimate coming out of Duke University, this could cause 25% (6 million) those on blood pressure drugs to stop taking their meds.

Pharmer sees this as part of the Obamacare cost cutting pattern.   Note that the standards of  “need” for mammography, colonoscopy, and various other health measures have recently been downgraded.

One wonders if the pharmaceutical and medical supply companies were forewarned that many of their products and services would no longer be needed with the roll out of Obamacare and the upcoming single-payer plan.

Walgreens Fires Another Pharmacist for Refusing to Sell Plan B

Walgreens: Leave your beliefs at the door.

Remember that Plan B has been found to be ineffective in average sized American women of reproductive age.

The manufacturer of this form oflevonorgestrel in Europe has advised that women who are 165 lbs or more NOT rely on this drug for birth control, because it is not sufficiently effective in women of that size or greater. 

Walgreens has seen fit to fire a pharmacist who refuses to sell an ineffective drug.

It remains that Plan B can operate by post-fertilization mechanisms, in smaller than average American women, and so the ethical sensibilities of the pharmacist, Philip Hall, are also a valid reason to refuse to dispense the drug.

Walgreens has already had to settle lawsuits in Illinois for similar firings.  Firing another pharmacist in Tennessee displays an ardent attachment to an agenda of denying the necessary clinical and ethical autonomy that is required for a pharmacist to practice in a competent manner.

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What your Health Care Professional Doesn’t Know about Abortion-Breast Cancer Link

A major source of Continuing Education, which Pharmer utilizes for keeping updated,  and which serves both pharmacists and physicians, had downgraded the concept of linkage between abortion and breast cancer to the status of “rumor”.  This was done in the face of a large body of peer reviewed research, and meta analyses which had produced conflicting results.

Under normal circumstances, a competent educator would conclude that there is a possible link, but that so far the analysis of data is conflicting or inconclusive.  Further study is warranted.  If an educator were not invested  in the ideology that at least one abortion is a necessary female rite of passage into the Pentagonal Order of the Gaia Green Sisterhood, health professionals would be advised to be alert to the possibility of abortion breast cancer linkage and await further results.

Well, a new meta analysis from China is out now, showing a stronger link between abortion and breast cancer, as well as a sort of dose effect (the later the abortion, the bigger the linkage). Click on the image below, or click this link to see the reference.

Pharmer has not paid great attention to the theory of abortion breast cancer linkage, because so many abortion customers likely have such a high risk tolerance, that a 30 or 40 percent increase in the rate of breast cancer would be meaningless to them. It might be more useful to a woman who has been  impregnated against her will, rather than as a result of willingly assuming personal risk. Public policy makers might have more interest in that linkage, as an impetus to control health care costs.  The current crop generally  likes population control and abortion so much that they are unlikely to be swayed.

This example is supplied mostly to inform people that their health care professionals are often being “educated” by ideologues rather than dispassionate purveyors of medical information.   Consequently, the things that your health care professional tells you might be fairly inaccurate, or even opposite of the truth.

Meta-analysis of Chinese Abortion-Breast Cancer linkage Studies 2-2014
Meta-analysis of Chinese Abortion-Breast Cancer linkage Studies 2-2014

In conclusion, abortion (and late child bearing) probably do have a positive association with the increased breast cancer rate, but as always, further study is warranted.  It’s not such a big deal that a person should need Xanax three times a day due to anxiety over breast cancer, but getting the mammograms and being a bit more vigilant would help if either of these life style options applied to you.

Your friendly Pharmer thinks that there are much bigger reasons to avoid abortion.

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Statistician Patrick Carroll Did the Math analyzing possible breast cancer risk factors in Europe

Lawsuit by Slaves for Obamacare: Working Unpaid Overtime

Lawsuit by Obamacare call center trainers alleges unpaid overtime – The Denver Post.

Nine Obamacare exchange call center workers have filed suit   against Maximus, a company which has contracted to provide services for the federal government.  They allege being forced to work overtime without pay, and to put in over 60 hour weeks, with skipped breaks and lunches. The company is said to have incorrectly classified the workers, who apparently have no managerial duties,  as exempt from overtime.  The Federal lawsuit filed in U.S. district court cites violations of the federal Fair Labor Standards Act. It is thought that the conditions cited in the lawsuit  could apply to thousands of other misclassified workers.

This Should Be an Out of Pocket Medical Expense

From the compendium of oddities  which fill the emergency departments of hospitals comes the story of a porno addict from Guandong Province in southeastern China.  His tale  tops that of Officer Melia of New Jersey, who apparently had a thing for cows, and Kenneth Pinyan of Washington state, who, uuhhh …… played the wrong game of catch with a stallion.

In fact, this 39 year old man is apparently facing charges of animal cruelty in China for putting a 20 inch, live, Asian swamp eel in the same anatomical location that  Kenneth Pinyan utilized for his sport.  The eel desperately tried to chew his way to freedom, causing a good deal of intestinal injury to his “host”.

“It was still alive when we got it out, but it died soon afterwards, which was probably a mercy,” said a member of the medical team that performed an all night surgical repair on the porn addict.

Apparently the Huffington Post has more on this story, but your friendly Pharmer does not want to go there.

Treatment for this kind of thing should be an out-of pocket-medical expense, but it’s likely covered with no deductible on the platinum plan of Obamacare.

Asian swamp eel (now also "available" in the U.S.)
Asian swamp eel (now also “available” in the U.S.)