The Woes at Stem Express after People Learn Planned Parenthood Sells Baby Parts.

Now that you know where the fetal and embryonic stem cells come from, that industry is hurting…

Life is rough at Stem Express now that people know who sells them the baby parts.
Life is rough at Stem Express now that people know who sells the baby parts for this kind of thing. Screen shot seen 7-17-15 AM

Their online catalog is showing a big 404 page not found message, today, but it’s possible to see a cache here, (Thanks to ‘Rhetoric Rocks’ commenting at Washington Times). If that stops working, then check their order form, and THIS, out.

Vid Exposes Planned Parenthood Selling Aborted Baby Body Parts

The Center for Medical Progress (whose site is crashed today)  has splashed the results of a 30 month long Human Capital Project which documented how Planned Parenthood disperses the body part industry among its affiliates, so they can take the fall when someone blows the lid off of this illegal operation.  The journalists painstakingly attended abortion conventions and gathered paperwork and video footage to produce a rare example of actual investigative journalism.   Hats off to these intrepid throwbacks to the day of real news gathering and reporting.  SEE Planned Unparenthood Director of Medical Services, Dr. Deborah Nucatola chomping her salad while she discusses the manner of selectively crunching babies in utero so as to avoid damaging the parts of interest to customers.   SEE CEO, Cecile Richards acknowledging the baby parts industry and say how Amazing Dr. Nucatola is.  The Youtube vid is working as of now. Tweet your disgust…… Jill Stanek explains the pro-life twitter mission at the end of her blog article.  Everyone needs to know just how low Planned Unparenthood can go. Get the word OUT. #PPSellsBabyParts.

Center for Medical Progress Expose, 30 months in the making

Hilarious NARAL Ad Predicts Cory Gardner Will Bring Latex Shortage

Imagine!   NO CONDOMS!!!!  

Maybe it’s the “climate change” (weather) that will bring about this latex shortage.

This is what NARAL predicts if Republican Cory Gardner (who wants to put birth control pills over the counter) wins his race in Colorado!  Maybe this degree of inaccuracy  will be enough insult to the intelligence of women to make them abandon the Democrats this election cycle.


Supersized Cadaver Sets Fire to Crematory Roof

The roof of the Southside Cremation services building was set ablaze during the creamation of an 800 pound cadaver. The Henrico County, Virginia, facility was able to control the fire and later resumed the remainder of the process. The family of the deceased was not present, but perhaps after this news event, has a clan legend to tell.
“Uncle ______ was sooo big, he set a grease fire at the crematory……..”

More at Richmond Times Dispatch.

Sex News from the Left

Child abusers at the American Academy of Pediatrics are touting the IUD (indwelling coathanger) as the most effective form of birth control.   Yep……. PEDIATRICS.  And in  light of this, remember that the medical records of  12 year olds in New York State can be held as private from the parents, and that there is no enforceable age of consent in the state of Washington.That’s one more salvo from the lefties in their never ending effort to groom girls as sex toys.

In another corner is Camille  Paglia, offering another of her controversial opinions that will surely bunch up the panties of feminists on campus and off.  Camille is the odd liberal who recognizes that there are certain evils that government and institutions can’t fix with their thought control.  In her latest opinion piece, she reminds the girls that the need to be vigilant and practice self defense will never go away.  The campus thought police will never be able to eradicate the evil propensities of sexual predators, says Camille, while once more reminding her readers that men and women are inherently different.


“Four” is Unlucky Number for this Medical Student

Chinese student died of heart attack as he looked at ‘sexy magazine’ at sperm bank | Mail Online.

23 year old medical student, Zheng Gang, died of a heart attack during “his fourth visit in just over a week“, at the Wuhan University fertility clinic, says the Daily Mail.

“Four” is an unlucky number in much of Asia.  Its pronunciation is a homophone for the word for “death” in various languages and dialects.

The tragic demise of Zheng Gang, and subsequent law suit filed by his family, provide more incentive to use a substitute syllable when speaking of that number.

Mystery Surrounds Increase in Penile Birth Defect in Sweden.

Hypospadias describes a penile condition in which closure of the structures around the urethra are incomplete.  This cause a variety of problems, depending on where the  failure to close occurs, which may cause the affected patient to sprinkle instead of urinate, as well difficulties with sexual performance. Incidence of this problem has almost doubled in Sweden since 1990.   According to The Independent, Swedish researchers are unable to determine the cause of this marked increase in hypospadias.  Numerous possibilities are bandied about in the article, leaving out the most obvious “endocrine disruptor” of all: hormonal birth control.  For example, Medroxyprogesterone comes with a hypospadias and genital malformation warning, and there’s no way to suck the ‘Depo’  shot back out if a woman becomes pregnant after administration.

Carmichael SL, Shaw GM, Laurent C, Croughan MS, Olney RS, Lammer EJ. Maternal progestin intake and risk of hypospadias. Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med. 2005;159: 957–962

More Kinky Sex Ed at 2 Colorado Planned Parenthood Facilities -Live Action Films

Live Action Films, has released the second video in their Planned Parenthood Exposed series.  This episode shows a woman, posing as a 15 year old girl, being given detailed counseling on Bondage and Discipline, as well as Sadomasochism.   Two affiliates of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, in Littleton, and in Lakewood, Colorado, are featured in this film.

Planned Parenthood is  50 shades of NASTAAAAY.    Pharmer’s recommendation is for people to go to a real health care provider for their reproductive medical needs.

Two affiliates of Planned Parenthood of Rocky Mountains are BUSTED for giving kinky sex advice.
2 affiliates of Planned Parenthood of Rocky Mountains are BUSTED for giving kinky sex advice.

Full length footage is available at

Why Hillary Will NOT be President

Ed Klein's Book, Blood Feud, Leaks Hillary Medical Info
Ed Klein’s Book, Blood Feud, Leaks Hillary Medical Info

Click the caption above for Drudge’s preview from Klein’s book, Blood Feud.   When that link is gone, use the link below.


The claim is that Hillary has a coagulopathy, which has been  causing clots in various places of her body, including the brain, exacerbated by long hours of air travel.   She is said to have had a stroke event precipitated by non compliance with her anticoagulant therapy.

Bill and Melinda Gates Claim they will Stop Funding Abortion

Melinda Gates has announced, on the website, Impatient Optimists, that the Gates Foundation will stop funding abortion.  Apparently she has found this funding to be a stumbling block to their overall efforts to tell  Brown women how many babies to have, and how to inject, implant or ingest synthetic hormones to this end.

She will, however push on with the Depo-Provera injections, which can help to super-size the women of third world countries, leading to a whole host of new health problems.  One wonders how much Melinda’s shots are contributing to the increased obesity rate in Mexico, and elsewhere.  It might not just be the soda.

Last but not least, Depo-Provera is not so efficient at stopping ovulation, and has a number of possible mechanisms of action, one of which is to cause failure of the human  embryo to implant.  The heavily funded buddies of the Gates Foundation at Planned Parenthood are pushing the IUD (indwelling coat hanger), Paragard, which also helps to flush out developing humans from the uterus.

We know for certain that the abortifacient funding habits of Bill and Melinda Gates are far from over.

Read more from Dr. Susan Berry at, and see the statement by Melinda Gates HERE.