Sebelius Can’t Take It Anymore

Kathleen Sebelius has “resigned” her position as Secretary of Health and Human Services, after delivering the failed offering of Obamacare to the public. The exhausting sessions in front of Congress, giving made up numbers and self contradictory statements have taken their toll. She can’t take the public “floggings” anymore.
After existing private insurance plans, made illegal by Obamacare have been pulled, many people are unable to sign up or afford the government designed alternatives. While the government is claiming that 7 million people have signed up, it seems that the exchanges, with their lack of ability to make collections and actually make the connections of people with their supposed new insurance plans, lack the ability to enumerate who has paid, and who actually has active health insurance.
Possibly Sebelius has grown tired of making up stories about Obama’s train wreck health care plan. More likely, she’s symbolic sacrifice to relieve the downward pressure that Obamacare is having on Democrat election chances this November.

sebelius websites for dummies - Memphis Daily News
sebelius websites for dummies – Memphis Daily News

New Standards for Hypertension Treatment

Millions could go off blood pressure meds – Yahoo News.

New ‘guidelines’ for treatment of hypertension has pushed blood pressure targets to 150/90 rather than 140/90, in adults over age 60.  According to an estimate coming out of Duke University, this could cause 25% (6 million) those on blood pressure drugs to stop taking their meds.

Pharmer sees this as part of the Obamacare cost cutting pattern.   Note that the standards of  “need” for mammography, colonoscopy, and various other health measures have recently been downgraded.

One wonders if the pharmaceutical and medical supply companies were forewarned that many of their products and services would no longer be needed with the roll out of Obamacare and the upcoming single-payer plan.

Is This Stupid or is it Treason?

Did Belarusian programmers supply some of the Obamacare network software?  Inquiring minds want to know…..

Programmers linked to the government of Belarus claim to have supplied some of the code used in the Obamacare website. Valery Tsepkalo, of the Belarus government backed High Technology Park in Minsk, claimed (on Voice of Russia radio) that the HHS “is one of our clients” and that “we are helping Obama complete his insurance reform…..  Our programmers wrote the program that appears on the monitors in all hospitals and all insurance companies- they will see the full profile of the given patient“.   This interview is said to have occurred on 6-25-13, but security officials did not learn of it until early January.

This has U.S. intelligence agencies worried that there might be malicious code which could compromise the private data being entered into the health care network.  Belarus is a former Soviet state and remains closely allied with Russia.  Last year, a month long diversion of internet data, involving Belarusian networks, rerouted a great deal of U.S. traffic to Belarus.


Lawsuit by Slaves for Obamacare: Working Unpaid Overtime

Lawsuit by Obamacare call center trainers alleges unpaid overtime – The Denver Post.

Nine Obamacare exchange call center workers have filed suit   against Maximus, a company which has contracted to provide services for the federal government.  They allege being forced to work overtime without pay, and to put in over 60 hour weeks, with skipped breaks and lunches. The company is said to have incorrectly classified the workers, who apparently have no managerial duties,  as exempt from overtime.  The Federal lawsuit filed in U.S. district court cites violations of the federal Fair Labor Standards Act. It is thought that the conditions cited in the lawsuit  could apply to thousands of other misclassified workers.

Obama Says People Don’t Like Him Anymore Because He is Black


Obama has noticed his poll numbers going down and this is his response: “There’s no doubt that there’s some folks who just really dislike me because they don’t like the idea of a black president.”

The guy thinks that the people who voted for him  have changed their minds because they don’t like  his color anymore.

It wouldn’t have anything to do with the slumping economy, the record joblessness among Black Americans and the rest of them too, the burdens and planned malfunctions of Obamacare, the incompetent foreign policy, the NSA snooping, and the abnormal symbiosis with Planned Parenthood.

Noooooooooooo…. they don’t line his skin shade anymore!!!

Call a Waaaaaaaaaaambulance for Obama.

This Should Be an Out of Pocket Medical Expense

From the compendium of oddities  which fill the emergency departments of hospitals comes the story of a porno addict from Guandong Province in southeastern China.  His tale  tops that of Officer Melia of New Jersey, who apparently had a thing for cows, and Kenneth Pinyan of Washington state, who, uuhhh …… played the wrong game of catch with a stallion.

In fact, this 39 year old man is apparently facing charges of animal cruelty in China for putting a 20 inch, live, Asian swamp eel in the same anatomical location that  Kenneth Pinyan utilized for his sport.  The eel desperately tried to chew his way to freedom, causing a good deal of intestinal injury to his “host”.

“It was still alive when we got it out, but it died soon afterwards, which was probably a mercy,” said a member of the medical team that performed an all night surgical repair on the porn addict.

Apparently the Huffington Post has more on this story, but your friendly Pharmer does not want to go there.

Treatment for this kind of thing should be an out-of pocket-medical expense, but it’s likely covered with no deductible on the platinum plan of Obamacare.

Asian swamp eel (now also "available" in the U.S.)
Asian swamp eel (now also “available” in the U.S.)

Call a Waaaaaaaaaaambulance: Congressional Staffers Fret About Obamacare


A Congressional Management Foundation survey reveals that Congressional aides in Washington DC, who make between $95,000 and $170,000 yearly are fretting over the cost and coverage of Obamacare. One staffer commented:  “Everyone felt as if we were pawns in this political argument,” says The Politico.

Remember, these are the people who write the regulations emanating from the multi-thousand page “Affordable” Care Act.  They’re feeling put upon by the cost of Obamacare, even though the Feds are subsidizing 75% of their cost. 

The bureaucrats and legislators of the federal government are living in a dream world.   How can they complain about any aspect of the bill which they are inflicting on Americans, whose median family income dropped to  $51,017 as of Sept 2013?

The federal subsidy for these Washington bureaucrats is funded by the very families who are only  making half or a third of their salary.  How do the idiots in government think Obamacare, or the subsequently planned  single payer plan, is going to work????