Democrats and RINOS Are Aborting Their “Voter Stock”

The CDC abortion results from 2010 report that almost two thirds of abortions in the U.S. are done on women in minority groups.  Some states,  California, New Hampshire and Maryland, representing about 15 percent of the population, did not report to the CDC.   Get the PDF.

In the remaining states, 40.6% of abortions were performed on Black women, compared to 30.1 %

Of the 28 health state health depts. plus NYC and DC  that report both race and ethnicity, 35.7% of abortions were performed on women identified as Black, 21% were performed on Hispanics, and 6.5% were performed on women of other ethnicities.   In these areas, 63.2% of abortions were performed on minority women.

Yes, the Democrats (and RINOS)  manage their voters like livestock, aborting the kids of citizen minorities while they import more people from outside.  This is a very cynical and unethical way to manage the labor force, and the numbers of people on welfare.  It is very odd for the U.S. Catholic Bishops to be going along with this system of human disposal and replacement,  which enriches the largest corporations but depletes the middle class economically.

The right thing to do is to set up the safety net program so that people  obtain a financial advantage from working.

The current system of culling humans is degrading and quite an extreme demonstration of bigotry.  Margaret Sanger would be impressed with the “progessivism”


Live Action Uncovers Plaza Inn Abortions, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Live Action Films has done an expose  of the close relationship that the Plaza Inn  in Albuquerque, NM has with the Southwestern Women’s Options. Plaza Hotel offers discount rates and transportation and is helping to bring late term abortion tourism to Albuquerque, NM.

Wichita, KS had been the late term abortion capitol of the U.S. until George Tiller was unnaturally caused to meet the same fate as his almost-born patients. Since New Mexico has no abortion restrictions, it was natural for late term abortionists to settle there.

This film, CLICK IT HERE, features phone call inquiries to the abortion clinic and  to the Plaza hotel, juxtaposed with an earlier undercover visit to Southwestern Women’s Options.

Live Action Films present Abortion Hotel Plaza Inn, Albuquerque
Live Action Films presents Abortion Hotel Plaza Inn, Albuquerque
Live Action Films- What the Southwestern Women's Center Counselor tells women to do at the hotel
Live Action Films What the Southwestern Women’s Options Counselor tells women to do at the hotel

Jill Stanek is wondering how guests at the Plaza Inn would feel, knowing that the room they are using had been the labor and delivery room during a late term abortion, and questioned the ability of the hotel staff to maintain appropriate sanitation.

UPDATE:   The abortion supporters had to spend a million bucks to defeat legislation which would have banned abortions after 20 weeks gestation in Abuquerque.  There are more voters registered in that locality than there were in the previous election.  Early and absentee ballots were the key to defeating the abortion ban.   By all indications, Pro-lifers will continue this locally based strategy of restricting abortions with a more clearly worded bills, and wring more resources from the Lefties.

Pro-life “Ninja Spies” BUST Obama Left for Supporting Late Term Abortion

Operation Rescue is known in pro-life circles for having “ninja spy” tentacles which diligently keep tabs on the abortion sellers and supporters.  This time, they have busted Barack Obama’s far left, Organizing for Action group for nationalizing the local Albuquerque, NM issue of limiting abortion to 20 weeks gestation.  A petition in that city brought up a referendum to protect pain capable unborn children by prohibiting abortions after 20 weeks.  At this point, protection for late term babies appears to have majority support from likely voters.

Obama’s minions are attempting to bring outside volunteers and money to oppose the municipal  late term abortion ban in Albuquerque.  A email by Kelli Lamb of,  and the womens’ issues coordinator for Obama’s Organizing for Action, brought leftists together to hear from Jennifer Lawson, field director of the Planned Parenthood Action Fund. She solicited funds and volunteers from the OFA  national conference call, to overcome the initiative to prohibit late term abortions after 20 weeks.

Operation Rescue reminds us that Obama is still all about abortion, more abortion, tax funded abortion, and late term abortion.  The one promise that our infanticidal president seems to keep is his pledge to back Planned Parenthood, and back the killing of unborn, intrapartum, and post partum babies.

Sperm Donors Au Naturelle

It’s interesting to see what disturbs the intelligentsia these days, and compare it to what they condone.

There is little  problem with having sex with a 14 year old, and apparently less so if she commits suicide.

There is no problem with hooking up with a stranger as long as you prevent or kill the baby.

We’ve recently been regaled with a compendium of what passes for sexual propriety in our universities, by one Professor Mike Adams.  Displaying nude pics of children where pedophiles are gathering is OK, while stating the opinion that marriage requires a man and woman is not.  That’s just one example found in Adams’ amazing open letter which is really worth the click.

you can't flush your brain after this
you can’t flush your brain after this

Quite a bit if hand wringing is generated by the practice of meeting a sperm donor online, or through Craigslist, and getting pregnant the usual way. It seems that sleeping with strangers is only a problem if the intention is to make a baby. .

Long lost on the progressives is the idea that with repetition, sex tends to cause babies, (poorly designed birth control methods notwithstanding), and something is very wrong with killing them.

Only One More Step to Forced Abortion in U.S.A.

We can blame  the religious leaders (for one example, the USCCB)  who  supported the leftist  plan to make us into a socialist state.  We are only one step away from forced abortion in the United States.   That’s right…… only one step away from being just like China.

The CBO has announced that if we pass Trent Franks’ bill H.R. 1797 restricting late term abortions  it could add $ 400 billion  to the federal deficit.   Philip Hodges at Godfather politics points out that this might be the first time that the politicians ever cared about the deficit, now that it can be used to push abortion.

Why?   The Congressional Budget office  projects  that a good portion of the kids that we allow to live will need medicaid for the costs of their birth, and then more welfare benefits for the rest of their lives.    This was brought to you by the “compassionate” religious leaders who wanted to outsource charity to the government until most of the population became dependent on it.

The last step towards forcing women to kill their babies is to make the health care professionals do it.   Once participation in abortion is required for health care practice,  (and we’re already on our way in a number of states),  it will be easy for the government to coerce women to kill their babies.

The Carmen Landau Toilet Abortion Protocol

Number six in the Live Action Late Term Abortion film series “Inhuman” features audio of  Carmen Landau and Shelly Sella of the South West Women’s Options Clinic in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Landau uses lethal injection to kill the baby on day 1, (the counselor describes intracranial injection),  does an ultrasound  examination on day 2 to make sure injection worked, then induces labor for delivery of the dead baby on the third day.

Landau has a hotel toilet abortion protocol for those women who begin to deliver too early in the induction process.  If they start to deliver in the hotel room, they are to sit on the potty  and dial the abortion clinic personnel.  The women are specifically instructed not to dial 911 because that might interrupt the process and change the outcome, particularly if the baby happened to be born alive.

Click to hear for yourself the information which Live Action’s pregnant investigator received about the abortion procedure at Landau’s clinic.

live action inhuman 6th video Carmen Landau


Planned Parenthood of Indiana: Sex Ed is Cure for Rape?

Indiana is the 16th most populous state of the U.S., with about 6.9 million people.   It’s also a Planned Parenthood stronghold, with 27 of their so-called health centers located in the state.  Across the USA, there are approximately 750 PP facilities, or one per 440,000 people. Indiana has one facility per 256,000 people, or almost twice the national average. Indiana boasts a close relationship between planned parenthood and the Girl Scouts sex education programs encompassing a 12 county region in the south central part of the state.

With the above factual understanding, it is very interesting to see people of planned parenthood of Indiana commenting on the sad story of a 13 year old girl in Madison county, who was sexually assaulted.   On their facebook page, (June 6, 13) the girl’s story from the Indianapolis Star is linked with the comment: “As this article notes, heartbreaking stories like this are all too common in Indiana, which ranks second in the number of teen sexual assaults. Comprehensive sex ed can make a difference in preventing sexual assaults.”

planned parenthood of Indiana
planned parenthood of Indiana

Rebecca Frazer of Live Action News is lit up about the callousness of the PPI for suggesting that their pornographic sex ed programs could possibly prevent child rape and molestation. She reminds us that Live Action exposed  two separate  instances of Indiana planned parenthood employees offering to cover up instances of statutory rape.  Your friendly Pharmer agrees that PPI’s facebook  suggestion is whacked, as well as inappropriate.   It is also patently and demonstrably false.

As noted above,  Planned parenthood has been very strongly present and extremely busy in the state of Indiana, with respect to its sex  industry, oops, “education”  business, abortion business and its huge influence on the political scene in the center of the state.  Planned Parenthood itself notes that Indiana, after all their “efforts” is the number 2 ranking state with respect to teen sexual assaults.  This data suggests that planned parenthood is not curing the problem of teen rape in Indiana, but rather is Exacerbating it! 

Ob-Gyn Who Stopped his Abortion Practice Testifies in Favor of Limiting Abortions to 20 Weeks.

Dr Anthony P Levatino MD, an Ob-Gyn practitioner in New Mexico has performed about 1200 abortions during his career, with many of them being in the second trimester. After reevaluating the issue of abortion, he discontinued that part of his practice, and is now supporting Trent Frank’s House Bill to limit abortions to less than 20 weeks gestation.

Listen to Dr. Levatino’s testimony HERE.

One of his most salient points is that late term abortion is not useful for saving the life of a woman. The procedure is much too long and harrowing in contrast to the option of delivering a live infant.

abortion testimony to congress 5-23-13 Anthony P Levatino MD

Leroy Carhartt’s Nurse Caught in the Whistleblower Race

Late term abortionist Leroy Carhartt may lose the sole remaining  nurse, Lindsey Creekmore, who works at his suburban Omaha, Nebraska clinic.

The state regulators are circling like vultures over this  abortion clinic.  Records show a pattern of improper drug administration and compliance, which could endanger patients served by the abortion clinic.

Carhartt operates another infamous clinic in Germantown, MD, and commutes between the two. It seems that another nurse, who quite the Omaha clinic in April, 2011, has blown the whistle on practices at the facility.  Part of the information which provides the impetus for Lindsey Creekmore’s  prospective disciplinary hearing, scheduled for August 5, comes from that unnamed individual.  It would appear that Ms. Creekmore lost the whistleblower race, and her nursing license may be at risk.

It is recommended that abortion clinic workers who are aware of substandard practices at their place of employment consider contacting the people at, or or, an outreach of Life Dynamics, in order to avoid being caught on the wrong side of the clinic cleanup trend.