The Carmen Landau Toilet Abortion Protocol

Number six in the Live Action Late Term Abortion film series “Inhuman” features audio of  Carmen Landau and Shelly Sella of the South West Women’s Options Clinic in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Landau uses lethal injection to kill the baby on day 1, (the counselor describes intracranial injection),  does an ultrasound  examination on day 2 to make sure injection worked, then induces labor for delivery of the dead baby on the third day.

Landau has a hotel toilet abortion protocol for those women who begin to deliver too early in the induction process.  If they start to deliver in the hotel room, they are to sit on the potty  and dial the abortion clinic personnel.  The women are specifically instructed not to dial 911 because that might interrupt the process and change the outcome, particularly if the baby happened to be born alive.

Click to hear for yourself the information which Live Action’s pregnant investigator received about the abortion procedure at Landau’s clinic.

live action inhuman 6th video Carmen Landau


2 thoughts on “The Carmen Landau Toilet Abortion Protocol

  1. Abortion is very bad thing. it is type of murder. I really disagree with this. baby is a gift of god. all women needs baby. after being mom , we can success our woman life. But, your story is too interesting. thanks for this story.

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