Sperm Donors Au Naturelle

It’s interesting to see what disturbs the intelligentsia these days, and compare it to what they condone.

There is little  problem with having sex with a 14 year old, and apparently less so if she commits suicide.

There is no problem with hooking up with a stranger as long as you prevent or kill the baby.

We’ve recently been regaled with a compendium of what passes for sexual propriety in our universities, by one Professor Mike Adams.  Displaying nude pics of children where pedophiles are gathering is OK, while stating the opinion that marriage requires a man and woman is not.  That’s just one example found in Adams’ amazing open letter which is really worth the click.

you can't flush your brain after this
you can’t flush your brain after this

Quite a bit if hand wringing is generated by the practice of meeting a sperm donor online, or through Craigslist, and getting pregnant the usual way. It seems that sleeping with strangers is only a problem if the intention is to make a baby. .

Long lost on the progressives is the idea that with repetition, sex tends to cause babies, (poorly designed birth control methods notwithstanding), and something is very wrong with killing them.