Cincinnati Area Romney Ryan Rally | Kings Liberty

Romney Ryan Rally | Kings Liberty. <– This site covers the  huge Ryan Romney Rally held  north east of Cincinnati this week.   Pharmer heard that 50,000 or more people gathered in the cold to hear a whole array of  republican speakers.  You can get an idea of the size by clicking that link and seeing pics from the ground.


One thought on “Cincinnati Area Romney Ryan Rally | Kings Liberty

  1. WE HAD AROUND 6,000 at our rally in August in tiny Powell, and they had to turn away 2000+ more because of concerns for safety if there were a fire or an emergency….it was wall to wall PEOPLE. Bravo for Cincy and West chester….naturally the drive by media ignores it or plays it down while 5-10 LGBT showing up for O'Bama or an abortion rally are non stop coverage.

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