Detailing Elena Kagan’s Role Attempting to Preserve the Partial Birth Abortion Procedure

Some people think that the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists drafted a statement suggesting that partial birth abortion procedure (intact D & X)  might be the best way to save the life of the mother under certain circumstances.  In reality, the ACOG opinion stated doubt that the procedure was ever the only medical alternative.

It is not.   Sucking out the brains of a mostly  delivered baby has no bearing on the physical status of the mother, (barring a severe error on the abortionist’s part).   In addition, the breech delivery that was  necessary for this procedure to be legal is more risky to the woman.

Kagan’s Abortion Distortion – Shannen W. Coffin – National Review Online.

Read up^.   The original ACOG statement on this issue was changed by one Elena Kagan, to suggest that partial birth abortion had medical utility, because this woman is a  a true feminazi in the real sense of the word.

The ACOG statement, as altered by Kagan, was used in subsequent legal battles against the bans on partial birth abortion, until  final conclusions  in the Supreme Court.

By the late  1990s,  the actual  PBA  procedure had been almost entirely discontinued,   because it was so distasteful to both the abortionists and their clients.   It, however was NOT distasteful to  Elena Kagan.