Ecuador Considers Asylum to Snowden, Renounces U.S. Trade Benefits

Ecuador, a country which depends on the U.S. for about half of its trade, has rejected one of two possible trade preference agreements from the U.S. and is considering asylum to NSA whistleblower/leaker  Edward Snowden.   Apparently the final decision is only made once Snowden arrives in the country and makes his request in person.   Communications Minister, Fernando Alvarez, said that Ecuador “does not accept threats from anybody, and does not trade in principles, or submit to mercantile interests, as important as they may be.”

It’s a sign of increasing global disrespect for the U.S., and its ever more apparent, governmental culture of corruption.

While Obama publicly said he did not want to be wheeling and dealing in agreements with other countries in order to obtain extradition of Snowden, his minions are taking care of that for him.

Senator Bob Menendez, the Senate Foreign relations committee chairman, and a face of corruption himself, has said that he  “will lead the effort to prevent the renewal of Ecuador’s duty-free access under GSP and will also make sure there is no chance for renewal of the Andean Trade Promotion and Drug Eradication Act.”

Pharmer’s inclination is to buy more broccoli and artichokes and whatever other products which are imported  from Ecuador.   It’s worth mentioning that inept U.S.  foreign policy is the means by which other competing powers, with opposing interests, strengthen their influence in South America.