Senate Approves Amnesty

Seeing the support for Amnesty eroding among the republicans,  Harry Reid rammed the bill, (largely unread, packed with pork, and a provision for Napolitano to refuse to build a border fence), through the senate in a big hurry.   It passed with only 32 votes opposing.

The amnesty bill has many qualities similar to Obamacare, which will serve to foster poverty and dependency.   Since the recipients of amnesty will not be eligible for obamacare, they will be hired preferentially to U.S. citizens, who cost more to employ due to the health care obligations for employers.

Naturally the largest political donors and corporations favored this bill, as a means to cut employment costs, and  survive in the downward spiraling economy.

The U.S. Catholic Bishops have invested millions in campaigning for amnesty,  otherwise called immigration reform.   This has been a secondary cause for many of the more aware Catholics to stop their donations, behind their support of Obamacare.   Unfortunately less than a third of Catholics are aware how tied up the bishops are into this political effort.

While Mexican illegal immigrants are the primary front group pushed forward to obtain sympathy for the bill,  it will affect illegal immigrants from all parts of the world.    It will be easier for us to import and grant benefits to such as the Tsunaev brothers and their pressure cooker bombs.

Taking Mexico as an example,   15% or more of that country’s workforce is in the U.S. and  it provides revenue back to the Mexican Government  second only to their oil industry.    The Mexicans themselves realize that exporting their most ambitious people and obtaining revenue in this way suppresses the development of their own economy. 

The U.S. corporate interests, as well as all other amnesty supporters have actively chosen the path of utilizing Mexico to bolster the United States permanent underclass, rather than to encourage and assist Mexico’s own economic development.

The crony corporatists believe that first  generation immigrants tend to comprise the most ambitious and hard working people, and that their progeny tend to relax and lose the work ethic under the umbrella of U.S. government aid.  Therefore  a cynical program in place to provide birth control and abortions at the locations where the immigrants are most numerous.    This has resulted in Hispanics aborting at nearly three times the rate of  Whites.  It’s the same methodology of “voter stock” control which has been applied to Black Americans.   Those who find it hard to believe that our government holds Mexicans in as low regard as it holds Blacks should recall the Eric Holder, Fast and Furious, gun running program which caused the deaths of 300 plus Mexican citizens.   These killings were not considered a crime worthy of national attention and punishment for the offenders.

It is astonishing  that any religious groups  would provide funding to assist with this cycle of injustice.   It is also astonishing that Marco Rubio  went along with this, though we have come to expect such stupidity from certain other republicans.   It is suspected that he was groomed as the face of Amnesty in order to kill his presidential political prospects.   Although there is a good chance to stop this particular amnesty bill in the Congress,  the leftists have succeeded in wiping out a future Republican presidential prospect.