Forced Abortion in America: Not New, but Becoming More Entrenched

Court May Force Mentally Disabled Nevada Woman to Have Abortion | <–click for the details.

Elisa Bauer, of Washoe County in Nevada, suffers multiple disabilities from fetal alcohol syndrome. As an adult she lives in a group home, but remains under the guardianship of her adoptive family. She’s pregnant, and Washoe County social services has requested a court hearing which could override the decision of Elisa and her family to have her baby. The family has six potential adoptive families already lined up, and they are providing prenatal care for Elisa, whose  pregnancy is considered high risk.
It appears that Social Services and the Court might prefer that Elisa abort, and may force this issue. In order to proceed, Washoe County would have to petition for guardianship, so that they could force her to abort.