Give Hoosiers Some Credit, Ken Blackwell

American Sovereignty: LOST at Sea?.

Above linked is some useful commentary from Ken Blackwell illustrating the need to clear the old RINOs out of the Senate. It mentions the aptly named LOST treaty, which pretty much signifies in one acronym, the effect on the United States. We really do not need the UN choosing a tribunal to govern the sea, given its track record in support of corruption and human rights abuse.
Pharmer had cause for worry when Sen John Kyl of Arizona decided to retire shortly after warning us about the START treaty and its negative effects on U.S. self defense.
On the other hand, Lugar was known to have favored this give away, unilateral disarmament, which surely made Vladimir Putin’s whole year. While Hoosier Tea Partiers likely remain less aware of LOST, (possibly due to being a land locked state), knowledge of START has been fairly common.
Richard Lugar was being praised by Obama as a foreign policy Rock Star. That was a signal even to the soccer moms who don’t keep up with international affairs. 😉

Lugar retired in 61 to 39 LANDSLIDE……… send some money for Mourdock’s November election campaign.

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  1. The only sea issue we should involve the United Nations in is to set them adrift at sea and save the $$$$ they cost us in NY. BTW, Ken Blackwell was always so supportive of our Pregnancy Crisis Center when we were on the board.

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