Maybe Dems Will Stop Dredging so Hard: Obama Shoved a little girl

…. in middle school. Yep, he said so himself. That’s what’s fun about a guy who had to fill two memoirs, after a life of doing not too much.
Every time the Dems dredge for dirt, the Republicans are going to return the favor.
Romney’s PAC can run a counter to any distraction that the Dems try to dredge up about his ancient history. Ammo for this salvo is courtesy of TheTalkoftheTimes.

Young Obama Bullied….A Girl | The Talk of the Times.

Here’s the upshot:

Obama was playing a little chase and tag with the only actual Black American in his class. The little game left them breathless on the ground, which brought some teasing from classmates, that Obama had a girl friend. Click HERE for the story in Obama’s book (maybe in Bill Ayres words).

Obama shoved that little girl, Coretta, so the rest of the class wouldn’t connect him to her as “boyfriend”. An apology is still pending.

Obama’s reactivity to his personal identity crisis continues to this day.

One thought on “Maybe Dems Will Stop Dredging so Hard: Obama Shoved a little girl

  1. Obama: Was in Middle School.
    Romney: Was a High School Senior.

    Obama: Shoved a girl.
    Romney: Led a gang assault in which he held down his victim and physically violated him while verbally abusing him.

    Obama: Talked about it in his memoir.
    Romney: Barely remembers it because there were so many incidents.

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