More Gun Right recognition for All Americans, from the Supremes

Supreme Court rules that all Americans have fundamental right to bear arms.

This decision addresses the restrictive handgun law in Chicago, and provides a legal precedent for similar  gun control  laws to be challenged throughout the US.

Another decision announced by the court upholds the policy of public educational institutions to refuse recognition to student groups which restrict membership based on beliefs.

This is a two edged sword, since it means that Christian student groups cannot restrict membership to Christians if they are to have institutional recognition.    It also means……. hehhehheh, that  all other groups must open up their membership standards  or lose university recognition (or funding). That would be murder on the liberal groups, but any conservative group really doesn’t need university support.

So, if you would like to bring some straight pride to the gay activist groups, or some christianity to the muslim groups,  or pro-life ideology to the pro-choice groups…..  etc. etc.   it appears to be quite possible now.   Pharmer recommends that conservative students get busy, and have some fun with this.

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    1. Any data to support your contention that gun control has ever been shown to reduce violence? Some good head to head comparisons and real numbers would be good.

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