New 5-Day ‘Morning-After’ Pill Tested For U.S. Approval

New 5-Day ‘Morning-After’ Pill Tested For U.S. Approval.

Two useful bits of information in the above article, from  a tech news site (Physorg).

1) EllaOne, the new morning after pill from Europe is being tested for approval in the United States.

2) It’s efficacy in killing the early human embryo does not decrease over the 5 day period after sex, in which it is recommended for use.

Some  of the  Physorg  commentators  had sufficient education to recognize that the mechanism of EllaOne involves causing death of  the early human embryo.   Hat’s off to them.

Some  of the comments appended to the article are from those who  were unable to part from a religious notion that they could distinguish which humans had been ensouled by developmental stage.    These might  be drained  from the human gene pool  over time, by means of EllaOne, perhaps, despite Pharmer’s recommendations to the contrary.

As a progesterone receptor modulator with low glucocorticoid activity,   ulipristal   gained attractiveness as a birth control drug primarily due to its ability to cause endometrial atrophy.  That means, from a birth control standpoint :  no place for the human embryo to implant.

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