New Apple Approved Gay Social App is Targeted for Ages 12 and Up is the latest gay social app which is targeted for underage users as young as 12 years old.  You know how these kinds of apps work.  They are tied into location services of the smart phones.  All of the good buddies that you meet on this app have the potential to find your exact location.

The app is said to be targeted towards helping gay people to find the trendie, fun places to meet, rather than having a strict focus on where to get a hookup for sex.

Conservatives like yours truly would be worrying that if kids decide to get the app for one reason or another, it gives up their location to whatever heat seekers  they might add to their contacts (unless the location settings are turned off).  That could be a problem to the youngsters in addition to the other social apps they might have running, with the privacy settings underutilized.

If your kid has running on the smartphone, there’s your sign.