A&E Preaches Tolerance After It Displayed the Opposite.

The monetary cost was just too high for A&E to persist in its leftist intolerance, so with a hypocritical sermon to the rest of us about “unity, tolerance and acceptance”, the network agreed that Phil Robertson would remain on the Duck Dynasty Series.

After A&E tried to boot out a man who practices all three of their supposed values better than they do, they’re now telling us how to live, and what to think.  Objection to specific activities is entirely different from the intolerance that the leftists practice, in trying to destroy the lives of everyone who has opposing opinions and practices. Ask the bakers and the photographers who have lost their livelihoods because they opposed the practice of gay marriage on religious grounds, or health care professionals who have lost their jobs for opposing abortion.  Less famous people than Phil are routinely being squashed by leftist intolerance.

A&E has no values which they hold as more important than money. They fear losing that more than anything, and this was clearly demonstrated for all to see. The same can be said for Cracker Barrel.  The question for the future is whether you want to support organizations which will throw you and your kind overboard at the first possible opportunity.  It is possible for you to obtain Duck Dynasty episodes without having cable television.  Buy the series alone from Amazon and stream it through a Roku box.  You might be paying for cable only to watch a very few shows.  Cut the cable and use the internet.  As for Cracker Barrel….. that company appears to be past its prime, now that people understand the nature of its management.

Please consider redirecting your funds away from those who seek to silence you, or remove you from society altogether.