Baker Faces Prison for Refusing to Bake Wedding Cake for Same Sex Couple

Baker Faces Prison for Refusing to Bake Same-Sex Wedding Cake.

Judge Robert Spencer, a Colorado administrative judge has ruled that Jack Phillips of Masterpiece Cake Shop in Lakewood, Colorado, will bake wedding cakes for homosexual  couples when asked, or go to prison for up to 12 months if he refuses.

Spencer realizes that it is against the Christian religion of Mr. Philllips to endorse gay marriage in this way, and made the unconstitutional ruling in the face of this. His court order was in response to a now repealed law in Colorado, but prison time for disobeying a court order is still possible.

The Alliance Defending Freedom is representing Mr. Phillips pro-bono, and is taking this case to the Colorado Court of Appeals.

(This case continues from a July 19, 2012 request to bake a cake for Charlie Craig, and David Mullins, who claimed to have been married in Massachusetts, but wanted to play house in Colorado, a state which does not even recognize same sex marriage.)



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  1. Maybe they can open a branch in India or Australian Capital Territory, both of which reversed sodomy on demand in those countries? Either way, keep fighting the fight against this perversion, a sin crying to heaven for vengeance.

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