Top Official in Obama birth mystery Killed in Plane Crash

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Top official in Obama birth mystery killed.

Loretta Fuddy is the State health Department director who waived long standing regulations to produce a copy of the long form birth certificate for Obama.

That’s the one, see above,  which was widely regarded as fake when the White House displayed it online.

Fuddy is one of nine aboard a Cessna Grand Caravan plan that ditched in the water during a flight to Honolulu.  All of the  other eight passengers were rescued.  She’s the only fatality.  She was flying on health dept. business, according to reports in Honolulu.  Her deputy director, Kieth Yamamoto survived the crash.

It seems that it is not good for the health to be involved in Obama’s personal business.


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  1. Of course, there are coincidences and there then are hits by the goon squad of the Regime. she would not be the 1st victim of the Chicago gangsters running the WH.

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