On the Boy Scouts Specifically Admitting Gay Boys

There’s big news about the Boy Scouts admitting gay C H I L D R E N to their organization. First of all, this is strange because the sex preferences should not even be a big deal during childhood. The organization is temporarily excluding gay scout leaders, but this policy will quickly be overturned by including the government oversight by means of a discrimination lawsuit.

Taking this issue on more globally, this burning question needs to be asked: Why does every single group have to concern itself with the sex lives of its members?

When there is a policy to specifically admit people who advertise where they like to put it, then that issue becomes part of the function of the group, and those preferences must be rubber stamped by every member of the group.

Making an issue of everyone’s sex preferences, adds sex as a primary function of every group. Each time sex invades and is placed at the top of group priorities, a new group will have to form which excludes sex as a part of their mission. This kind if segregation will occur until the government makes it illegal to “think” that there is a proper and improper way to have sex.

People are willing to give up every single other freedom in order to have completely unfettered sex practices, ‘whenever and wherever’. This idea of “freedom” has come to include the sexual abuse of children and animals.
The disorder of America, and a major reason that it is in the death spiral is that the sex preferences have become more important than any other aspect of life.