Party Drug Mephedrone Unsells Itself in the UK

Mephedrone is one name for 4-Methylmethcathinone, which is related to the class of synthetic cathinone analogs known as bath salts.  These were discussed elsewhere on the Pharm, in relation to serious behavioral disturbance.

Another such story has popped up in the news. This case illustrates the propensity of mephedrone to  to lower the natural inhibitions with respect to self surgery, (in this case as chopadicktomy), and unauthorized surgery on others (stabbing).

A 19 year old student, From Haywards Heath, West Sussex,  while high on mephedrone, stabbed his 46 year old mother, giving her life threatening injuries, then cut off his own penis. An individual close to the family told the Daily Mirror that the 19 year old “is normally a lovely lad, and very bright.  But unfortunately, he had started dabbling in drugs”

Don’t do Mephedrone.