PayPal Investigates Traditional Family Groups Following Request from All Out

PayPal launches investigation of pro-family groups following homosexual complaints |

The leftie censors are at it again…. wanting PayPal to stop doing business with several groups who oppose promotion of the gay lifestyle and gay marriage.

PayPal is now looking into those groups.   All of these net businesses and forums  are pressured to eliminate “hate speech”, which for lefties connotes  any and all forms of opposition to their ideology.

Click for  a petition to request that Pay Pal not cooperate with the censorship effort. 

There’s an internet rule:  ‘Censor not, lest ye be censored’.

What results for PayPal  is a strict business decision. Which group is bigger?  The censoring group, “All Out”, or those of us who value internet freedom in general?

Watch Lifesite News or this blog to see if these Traditional Family  (anti-gay marriage) groups get kicked from PayPal.

** Note 9/15 article from Citizen link. The above article is from 9/16. The situation is not yet settled.