Read the Ultrasound Amendment, Charlie Crist!

Either the Florida Governor  did not read Senator Gardiner’s amendment to HB 1143 or he lied.  Probably the latter.

Read  Associated Press LIES about the content of the bill and the cost of the ultrasounds, which are not 750-1500.   Pharmer is not paying nearly  that much  for an ultrasound done this year.  It is in the range mentioned in the article  below.

A closer look at abortion and Florida’s proposed law – St. Petersburg Times.

So basically, the bill that Crist vetoed requires informed consent before abortion, which would prevent psychological troubles later, when women see ultrasounds of the babies they want to keep, and start grieving for the ones they aborted.

The women would have to pay for a relatively inexpensive ultrasound  (which could also reduce  troubles of missed ectopic pregnancies, and various abortion errors. )  Remember that many crisis pregnancy centers are offering these ultrasounds for no charge at all.

The woman could choose whether or not to hear about or see the ultrasound, and she would have to sign a form affirming refusal,  (as Pharmer did each time she refused prenatal, alpha feto protein testing.)  Many consent forms are associated with giving birth.  Why are such intrusions  considered acceptable while a form to refuse medical information is not?

The woman would be informed of the risks of abortion procedures, which should have been done anyway.

Click  HERE to view the florida ultrasound amendment for yourself!

Always double check the  output of the Associated Press, as much of it is manure.

Abortion supporters have taken one more opportunity to show us clearly that women’s  health, and informed consent are NOT their concern.   Governor Crist as done the same,  for which he will soon be put out to political pasture.