Retraction Watch: Eminent Surgeon Censored and Punished for Editorializing on the Salutary Effects of Semen

Forget chocolate on Valentine’s Day, try semen, says Surgery News editor. Retraction, resignation follow « Retraction Watch.

You might want to  link to Retraction watch itself, if you have an interest in freedom of speech, scientific progress, and the issue of political correctness.

Dr. Lazar Greenfield, an eminent surgeon and inventor has been drummed out of his position as Editor in Chief of the ACS (American College of Surgeons)  for having too much fun while writing an editorial.

He noted a study concluding that women who use condoms, and abstinent women suffer more depression than women who do not use condoms during sex, and related it to the salutary components found in semen, and the efficiency of the vaginal mucosa as an avenue of drug delivery.

His offense was to ruffle the feathers of the feminazis by stating that semen may confer myriad chemical benefits, and to  imply that this is one reason that women really need men.

The ACS, afflicted by overdoses of estrogen, and without a sense of the hormone’s  utility,  has ‘temporarily’  removed the entire issue containing Greenfield’s editorial from its website.

Pharmer pasted her own comment to the news article at Retraction Watch:

Both sex and abstinence are very good, in their respective ‘seasons’.  It’s likely that depression during abstinence is  more frequently  from a loss of hope in finding a worthwhile partner, and exacerbated by a lack of  good memories to fall back on.

Theories that the offended censors are dwelling in a prolonged stage of hopelessness are not without basis.

Greenfield’s take on the evidence for physiological bases of sex attraction is hilarious, and should not have been removed, nor should he have been otherwise punished.

The humorless lefties who hate the existence of  sexual dimorphism  should not be permitted to rule over the rest of us, who appreciate it.

Pharmer would have been expecting  comparative clinical trials  of chocolate by oral delivery vs. vaginal instillation of semen  (normal  sex)  for antidepressant efficacy,  had the PC police not clamped down with their suppression of scientific inquiry.