Abortionist Kermit Gosnell charged with 8 counts of murder

Philly Doctor Facing 8 Counts Of Murder « CBS Philly – News, Sports, Weather, Traffic and the Best of Philadelphia.

After a botched abortion which lead to the death of a woman,  and the killing of 7 infants born alive after late term abortion attempts,  Kermit Gosnell is finally under arrest.  Also charged are Gosnell’s wife, and eight other suspects.

“Blog for choice” day  is fast approaching and thing’s aren’t looking so good for this yearly  celebration of death.

Update  – Read the report of  the Grand Jury overseeing this case.  Warning, it contains some late term abortion photos but they are not the primary portion of the document.

Life News Keeps Obama’s Pro Abortion Scorecard.

Life News keeps a running tally of Obama’s pro-abortion activity which is worth keeping an eye on.  Use it to remind your buddies that Obama remains the most abortion-loving politician who has ever served at the national level.  This tally will remain linked on the side bar to the right, for your reference.   Pass it around!

Obama’s pre presidential record remains at Born Alive Truth, which chronicles the history of the Born Alive Infants Protection Act.  That’s worth archiving also.  The records were mirrored at the PFLI website also.

Abortion Crackdown in Bangkok

Bangkok Post : Pills seized in abortion raid.

The Public Health Ministry of Thailand has seized large stores of illicit pharmaceuticals as part of an ongoing crackdown on illegal abortion clinics.  Earlier in November, 2002 aborted babies were found stored at a Buddhist temple in Bangkok.

Legal abortion in Thailand is  limited mainly  to cases of rape or incest, fetal abnormality, or ‘danger to the mother’s life’.

The health ministry’s action against illegal abortion clinics uncovered large stocks of MTpill (mifepristone) cytolog (misopristil),  antibiotics and drugs for impotence, at one of four illicit drug producers said to be located in Bangkok.

Article on the aftermath at the Buddhist temple (Wat Phai Ngern Chotanaram), containing much political double talk, is worth a read.

The ACLU Finds Abortion To Be More Essential Than Open Heart Surgery

ACLU Tries to Force Abortions on Catholic Hospitals | Daily News | NCRegister.com.

This is why the ACLU has been trying to compel Catholic Hospitals to do Abortions,  but has made no move to compel  Any Hospitals  to do open heart procedures.

Many smaller hospitals have to outsource the most complex surgical procedures.    Innumerable human lives have been lost in rural and other remote locations because their needs could not be met at small hospitals or clinics.  But the ACLU has made no move to address this serious problem.  (In addition, the it  has stood behind an administration which seeks to reduce the availability of high tech,  lifesaving care in the entire country as a method of cost containment.)

Instead the ACLU has put forth a stipulation, without evidence, that cutting up a baby and sucking it out can sometimes be necessary to save a woman’s life, and submitted a demand to the Dept of Health and Human Services that abortion be provided by all hospitals as emergency care.

The ACLU’s demand  could close down a lot of emergency rooms, and precipitate  innumerable more deaths from lack of available care, but that is obviously NOT their concern.

Abortion  serves to conceal  abusive sexual practices.  This is what distinguishes abortion from essential services such as open heart or robotic surgery. This is the only possible reason that the ACLU could prioritize abortion so strenuously over other life saving procedures.

Aborting In Another State For Privacy?

If you are thinking of having an abortion in another state for the sake of privacy….. Just remember that it’s OK in  Michigan to dispose of the aborted fetuses in regular dumpsters, in bags, labeled with the name of the MOM.

From LSJ.COM :

“Joy Yearout, a spokeswoman for the Michigan attorney general’s office, said the office investigated the disposal of fetuses by WomansChoice, 6500 Centurion Drive, and found it had not violated the public health code. “……..”Yearout said the state attorney general’s office concluded the documents “uncovered in our investigation are not of the nature that would be criminally charged under the state medical records statute.”


At Least Reid Picked a Female to Dub the Senate’s Hottest Member

CNN Political Ticker: All politics, all the time Blog Archive – Reid calls Gillibrand ‘the hottest member’ « – Blogs from CNN.com.

and we’re glad  Harry Reid doesn’t have Chris Matthew’s problem …….

From the Political Ticker:

“Reid made one of those comments Monday morning at a New York fundraiser hosted by Mayor Michael Bloomberg.”

“The Nevada Democrat referred to New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand “the hottest member,” which apparently made Gillibrand blush, according to two Democratic sources familiar with the incident.”

Oh……. by the way…….. Reid had to vote against the military spending bill which contains a repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell”. There’s an election coming up, you know.

Not mentioned in the leftist press, which excuses Reid’s vote as procedural, is that the military spending bill also contains Roland Burris’s amendment to allow (coerce) abortions at military hospitals.

Quality You Can Count On

Doctor’s four-state abortion business under investigation | Philadelphia Inquirer | 09/03/2010.

Thinks are crashing down all around Notorious Abortionist Steven Brigham, who runs a chain of abortion clinics in four States.  This guy has had his license to practice medicine  revoked in multiple states, and is under investigation for continuing  incompetence at his clinics.   Pennsylvania has ordered him to stop providing abortions in that state.

It remains quite difficult to stop an abortionist who has lost his license to practice, from killing humans.

Read the Ultrasound Amendment, Charlie Crist!

Either the Florida Governor  did not read Senator Gardiner’s amendment to HB 1143 or he lied.  Probably the latter.

Read  Associated Press LIES about the content of the bill and the cost of the ultrasounds, which are not 750-1500.   Pharmer is not paying nearly  that much  for an ultrasound done this year.  It is in the range mentioned in the article  below.

A closer look at abortion and Florida’s proposed law – St. Petersburg Times.

So basically, the bill that Crist vetoed requires informed consent before abortion, which would prevent psychological troubles later, when women see ultrasounds of the babies they want to keep, and start grieving for the ones they aborted.

The women would have to pay for a relatively inexpensive ultrasound  (which could also reduce  troubles of missed ectopic pregnancies, and various abortion errors. )  Remember that many crisis pregnancy centers are offering these ultrasounds for no charge at all.

The woman could choose whether or not to hear about or see the ultrasound, and she would have to sign a form affirming refusal,  (as Pharmer did each time she refused prenatal, alpha feto protein testing.)  Many consent forms are associated with giving birth.  Why are such intrusions  considered acceptable while a form to refuse medical information is not?

The woman would be informed of the risks of abortion procedures, which should have been done anyway.

Click  HERE to view the florida ultrasound amendment for yourself!

Always double check the  output of the Associated Press, as much of it is manure.

Abortion supporters have taken one more opportunity to show us clearly that women’s  health, and informed consent are NOT their concern.   Governor Crist as done the same,  for which he will soon be put out to political pasture.