Assault Weapons Ban Lawyer Headed Fast and Furious

Obama Contributor, Who Helped Enact Assault-Weapons Ban, Ran ‘Fast and Furious’ | <-- Details here Dennis K Burke is the U.S. Attorney in Arizona who headed up the Fast and Furious Operation. Before that, Burke worked with  the Senate Judiciary Committee in the Clinton Era, on the 1994  assault weapons ban. He was Janet Napolitano's Chief of Staff when she was Governor of Arizona. Burke contributed to Obama's 2008 campaign, and worked with his transition team on border enforcement issues. When Janet Napolitano became "Big Sis", Secretary of Homeland Security, Burke became her senior advisor. Obama then appointed Burke to be U.S. Attorney for the district of Arizona, and Eric Holder appointed him to the Attorney General's Advisory Committee. That's how Dennis Burke came to direct the Fast and Furious operation. If after knowing this, you still think that Obama and Holder had no prior knowledge of the gun walking of Fast and Furious, you must be a leftist.

To Boldly Grope Where No Hand Has Gone Before

TSA’s  next frontier is the cavity search.  We need to be safe from the anal dwelling bombs.

As people become accustomed to “love pats” at the airport,  the TSA  employees will become bored, and feel a need to explore further.

Surely Janet Napolitano remembers that NASTY  old Eddy Murphy song  from the 80’s………

and you KNOW she wants to go there.     As you can see, asking people to remove their prosthetics,  and that includes you breast cancer survivors,    is not a problem for Janet and her minions.  People living with ostomies are also targets for the TSA gropers.

Janet’s theme song  (warning, it’s sicko)

So,  are we going to wait for CAIR and the Muslims to put a stop to this,   or are we going to make our government really busy until the TSA abandons this unseemly interest in our privates?

Revolt Against Big Sis and the TSA

Come here, my little pretty.......

Pilots are protesting the excessive radiation exposure to which they are exposed in Airport security searches, and don’t appreciate the alternative of being felt up by agents.

Just before the holiday flying season,  Janet Napolitano will have to address increasing passenger displeasure over being punished for the crimes of others, with inconvenience and invasions of their person and effects.

After extensive  effort to educate children regarding their bodily autonomy, the kids  are expected mentally process a 180 degree turn and to sacrifice it for the privilege of flying.

And the Muslims………… whose errant ‘adherents’  provided impetus for all this search and grab, will be the ones who eventually bring it to a screeching halt.  Just you wait and see.

Why Obama Adm Hates Alternative Media

You see…..  Janet Napolitano had a policy promulgated within the Transportation Security Administration which limited Internet Access.

Most interestingly,  sites which conveyed “controversial opinions” were to be blocked, among others which might be expected to be blocked at work for productivity’s sake.  Acess to gaming sites, and chat rooms was cut off.  For your amusement:  Porn sites were not included  among those blocked at the TSA.  Perhaps it is felt that they engendered some form of productivity.

This internet censorship was blared out at the Drudge Report and in innumerable conservative blogs, to the extent that Napolitano rescinded the policy.  Read up!

TSA drops policy blocking ‘controversial’ sites – Washington Times.

The  Obama administration cannot even pass a minor amount of methane without the alternative media conveying the details to US, and you know Obama hates that kind of transparency.