Assault Weapons Ban Lawyer Headed Fast and Furious

Obama Contributor, Who Helped Enact Assault-Weapons Ban, Ran ‘Fast and Furious’ | <-- Details here Dennis K Burke is the U.S. Attorney in Arizona who headed up the Fast and Furious Operation. Before that, Burke worked with  the Senate Judiciary Committee in the Clinton Era, on the 1994  assault weapons ban. He was Janet Napolitano's Chief of Staff when she was Governor of Arizona. Burke contributed to Obama's 2008 campaign, and worked with his transition team on border enforcement issues. When Janet Napolitano became "Big Sis", Secretary of Homeland Security, Burke became her senior advisor. Obama then appointed Burke to be U.S. Attorney for the district of Arizona, and Eric Holder appointed him to the Attorney General's Advisory Committee. That's how Dennis Burke came to direct the Fast and Furious operation. If after knowing this, you still think that Obama and Holder had no prior knowledge of the gun walking of Fast and Furious, you must be a leftist.