Why Obama Adm Hates Alternative Media

You see…..  Janet Napolitano had a policy promulgated within the Transportation Security Administration which limited Internet Access.

Most interestingly,  sites which conveyed “controversial opinions” were to be blocked, among others which might be expected to be blocked at work for productivity’s sake.  Acess to gaming sites, and chat rooms was cut off.  For your amusement:  Porn sites were not included  among those blocked at the TSA.  Perhaps it is felt that they engendered some form of productivity.

This internet censorship was blared out at the Drudge Report and in innumerable conservative blogs, to the extent that Napolitano rescinded the policy.  Read up!

TSA drops policy blocking ‘controversial’ sites – Washington Times.

The  Obama administration cannot even pass a minor amount of methane without the alternative media conveying the details to US, and you know Obama hates that kind of transparency.