Some Believe that Free Elections are a Thing of the Past in the United States – Ex-Official Accuses Justice Department of Racial Bias in Black Panther Case.

If you will recall,  members of the Black Panthers were charged with deterring voters from polling places during the 2oo8 elections.  Video evidence was provided.  This led to federal charges against the group as follows from the story:

“The Bush Justice Department brought the first case against three members of the group, accusing them in a civil complaint of violating the Voter Rights Act. The Obama administration initially pursued the case, winning a default judgment in federal court in April 2009 when the Black Panther members did not appear in court. But then the administration moved to dismiss the charges the following month after getting one of the New Black Panther members to agree to not carry a “deadly weapon” near a polling place until 2012.”

J. Christian Adams  the former Justice Department Attorney is now leveling charges that the department shows  persistent hostility towards civil rights cases involving Black defendants and White victims.

The above mentioned Obama administration agreement which  apparently allows  the Black Panther representative to resume carrying a deadly weapon at polling places in 2012 is significant  cause for concern.

Get a closer look at this leader of the Black Panthers in Philadephia for whom the Justice Department dropped charges. He advocates killing White people and their babies as a means to get freedom. Pharmer wonders if this guy has noticed Obama’s affiliation with Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry which is exterminating nearly half of Black babies in the U.S. Is that getting freedom for him? The problem with congenital haters is that their actions and output make no sense.