Run With Life: Late term abortions statistics – born alive

Run With Life: Late term abortions statistics – born alive.

Patricia Maloney explains how table 102-0536 of Statistics Canada can be filtered to show only those perinatal deaths resulting from live  birth abortion. The add remove option can be used to eliminate all causes of death except termination of pregnancy affecting fetus and newborn. (Note that the table’s default 5 year period is increased to 10 years.)
Logically, if you combine criteria of terminations affecting fetus and newborn with perinatal deaths, you get Live Birth Abortions, previously known as infanticides.

Click those links and figure it out for yourself.  The grand total is 491 infanticides recorded by Statistics Canada during years 2000-2009.

Ontario Death Panel? Hospital Bans Wife Who Doesn’t Want Husband’s Care Rationed |

Hospital Bans Wife Who Doesn’t Want Husband’s Care Rationed |

Arthur Hippe seems to be getting the Terri Schaivo treatment at Ajax Pickering Hospital (West Durham) of the Rouge Valley Health System.

Pharmer knows that there are two sides to every story, but it appears that Mr. Hippe’s wife, Marilyn Nelson, who has power of attorney over her husband’s medical care,  has been banned from the hospital because she disagrees with the palliative care given to her spouse.  He’s been losing weight precipitously since the “care” at the hospital given for his stroke.  He’s paralyzed on his left side, and has impaired speech, and has been put on Zyprexa and Haldol.  (Normally Zyprexa is  associated with weight gain, if the person is allowed to be awake enough to eat.)

For her contention that her husband should be in rehabilitative care, Marilyn Nelson has been totally banned from the hospital, and has recently been given two hour visitation periods, per day with no privacy.

Under the care of Dr. Carmen Price,  Arthur Hippe’s weight is said to have  dropped from 190 to  an 100 lb estimate attributed to statements from the hospital staff.

Sometimes there is a reason to ban relatives of patients  from the hospital, but it appears that the local police have found no reasons for banning Ms. Nelson.  Seniors at Risk has taken up her cause, and lawyers have been attempting to intervene on her behalf for the care of her husband.

-An attempt to fundraise for Ajax Pickering hospital appears to have ground to a halt.  See the facebook page.

-Check out the Rouge Valley Health system website!  😉  Yep… Toronto and West Durham,  Ontario, Canada.

-You have  to see the link at the health system website  about its first use of medical maggots 😀

The processing of Arthur Hippe  appears to be an example of the downsizing of health care that naturally occurs with socialism.


Whoa! The Canadian Bishops Have Noticed!!

Canadian Bishops: Abortion Threatens Religious Freedom |

Pharmer has been on the case of the USCCB for ignoring the state and federal assaults on religious freedom, particularly with respect to the health care professionals who refuse to kill their patients. Canada, under the scourge of socialized medicine for decades, has had a longer history of egregious assaults on ethical practice in health care. You can visit the Conscience Laws website to get a view of this.

Lifenews chronicles a momentous occurrence! The Canadian Bishops have noticed that abortion has wreaked havoc on religious freedom in that country!! and have issued a public response. This coincides with the grass roots resurgence of pro-life-ism in that country.

This LATE LATE response is more evidence that TOP DOWN orders from the Vatican, and grass roots pressures are compelling many of these sleeping Bishops to take action.

Perils of Government Funded Catholic Schools

Catholic school principal fired for promoting 40 Days for Life fights back with statement |

Because of the government funding of Catholic schools,  the Archdiocese of  St Boniface had to fire a principal at Christ the King elementary school.   David Hood lost his position for encouraging the students to participate in the 40 Days for Life prayer vigil. One wonders if David Bereit and company could suggest legal help for Mr. Hood.

The school in Manitoba, Canada is 50 percent funded by the government, and therefore is a dependent ward of the state.  The funding is forfeited for participating in political activity.   The pro-aborts of Canada categorize abortion as politics in order to suppress free speech on the matter.   At issue is a claim that student service credit was to be offered for students who participated in the prayer vigil.   Hood says that no student received such credit.

Naturally  the Canadian Catholic Church, as a ward of the government is not free to  teach its students that abortion is wrong, or  that it is a thing to be opposed.

Catholic schools in the U.S. are accepting government grants, and to the extent that they receive this money, their activities and teachings are  similarly curtailed.

Abortion Festers

Abortion was used to conceal the repeated rapes of an adolescent by her own father in Quebec City, Canada, reports the QMI agency. The Crown is going after the mother legally now, for her part in fostering the abuse. There is no word in the 10-25-11 article concerning reprisals against the abortion clinic for not questioning the pregnant state of the 12 year old. The abuse came to light when the girl, at age 13, confided in a teacher and the police were called.

Above is one reason for abortion to be so difficult to stop. Another is that so many people with these kinds of things in their past cannot repudiate the practice of abortion.

Rev. Walter Hoye deals with the particular problem of black leaders, who have had abortion affecting their own lives, and resist facing up to the rampant problem in the most targeted communities. Some are afraid of charges of hypocrisy if they confess the past and take a stand against abortion. Others have not let go of abortion as the method of dealing with social problems.

Baby Joseph Update, Ontario Canada

Although the medical records should be released to Joseph’s Maraachli’s parents upon request, according to law, London Health Sciences Centre in London, Ontario, is witholding them. This appears to be an effort to prevent the transport of Baby Joseph to a U.S. hospital where a tracheotomy can be performed.

Health care professionals are standing by and donated medical equipment is available to manage the difficult condition of Baby Joseph which appears to be far beyond the capabilities and fiscal reach of Ontario, Canada. (This is the kind of health care system intended for the U.S., under Obamacare).

According to advocates, the only thing standing in the way of providing for home care for Baby Joseph is this withholding of medical records. One wonders if legal experts at the hospital are combing the medical records for any improprieties before passing them on in this very public case.

Canadians Shopping in U.S. for Bargain Medical Prices

Canadians buy U.S. health care as weak economy pushes down prices – The Globe and Mail.

Wait times and availability of  health care has long been sending  Canadians southward to the U.S. for care.   This migration is increasing due to economic downturns and new bargain rates for medical procedures.  U.S.  health facilities are actually negotiating  with Canadian health care brokers and matching prices.

This state of affairs has sent people of more moderate means into the U.S. health care market for such things as joint replacements and cardiac procedures.

Let’s hope that a private system can remain in place for those who think their health is worth the money.

What About the Tracheostomy for Baby Joseph?

It’s good to juxtapose some lay-person friendly medical info up with the hot button pro-life issues of the day. So…. if you want to learn about tracheostomies for babies, and trach care at home, read a long term internet resource put up by the Bissell family.

A London Ontario hospital is holding a baby, Joseph Maarachli, on a ventilator, and has been refusing to do a tracheotomy so the boy can be taken home to be with his family. He suffers from a neurodegenerative disease which will take his life.

His family already knows the drill…… they previously lost a child to this problem. She had undergone a tracheotomy procedure, and was allowed to die at home.

This time, it appears that the Canadians are clamping down with the cost containment. The tracheostomy is “not indicated” for a patient with this kind of terminal disease, although it used to be allowed. Apparently the money has gotten tighter up there, with that socialized medicine system.

Which do you think is worse for baby Joseph?….. intubated on a ventilator in the hospital, or a tracheostomy and vent at home? With all the publicity, security and legal intervention, he’s in limbo on the former. No secrets on where the Daily Mail reporter stands on this issue.

MRIs still less available in Canada.

Miracle mom: Mayo surgeons cut her in half, cleared out her cancer – Winnipeg Free Press.

Once you read the story from the Winnipeg Free Press, the possible consequences of delayed diagnosis due to the inavailability of medical imaging in Canada become apparent.

Best of luck to this upbeat Mom, Janis Ollson who is bent on surviving and succeeding despite the traumatic surgery she has undergone to remove a tumor (chondrosarcoma) in her spine.

Other notable details are that the ground breaking  surgery, of course, took place in the United States, at the Mayo Clinic.

Click that top link.  This story is worth a read.

CTV British Columbia – Coulter speech cancelled over fears of violence – CTV News

CTV British Columbia – Coulter speech cancelled over fears of violence – CTV News.

Yep it’s Canada……. they were afraid of violence from their lefties so they had to cancel Anne Coulter’s speech at the university of Ottawa.

If you bother to click on the newslink above,  you’ll see another Canadian sign……… the comments are closed.  😉

Anne Coulter is stirring the pot, and has filed grievance with the Human Rights Commission. Seems that she has been targeted as a member of a particular religious and ideological group, for suppression of her free expression.  At issue is a letter from Francois Houle, provost of the University of Ottawa, in which she was advised on what is considered acceptable speech in Canada.

This is a leftist pot, Anne is stirring and she should wear a face mask and eye shield, as well as neoprene gloves.