Whoa! The Canadian Bishops Have Noticed!!

Canadian Bishops: Abortion Threatens Religious Freedom | LifeNews.com.

Pharmer has been on the case of the USCCB for ignoring the state and federal assaults on religious freedom, particularly with respect to the health care professionals who refuse to kill their patients. Canada, under the scourge of socialized medicine for decades, has had a longer history of egregious assaults on ethical practice in health care. You can visit the Conscience Laws website to get a view of this.

Lifenews chronicles a momentous occurrence! The Canadian Bishops have noticed that abortion has wreaked havoc on religious freedom in that country!! and have issued a public response. This coincides with the grass roots resurgence of pro-life-ism in that country.

This LATE LATE response is more evidence that TOP DOWN orders from the Vatican, and grass roots pressures are compelling many of these sleeping Bishops to take action.