Abortion Festers

Abortion was used to conceal the repeated rapes of an adolescent by her own father in Quebec City, Canada, reports the QMI agency. The Crown is going after the mother legally now, for her part in fostering the abuse. There is no word in the 10-25-11 article concerning reprisals against the abortion clinic for not questioning the pregnant state of the 12 year old. The abuse came to light when the girl, at age 13, confided in a teacher and the police were called.

Above is one reason for abortion to be so difficult to stop. Another is that so many people with these kinds of things in their past cannot repudiate the practice of abortion.

Rev. Walter Hoye deals with the particular problem of black leaders, who have had abortion affecting their own lives, and resist facing up to the rampant problem in the most targeted communities. Some are afraid of charges of hypocrisy if they confess the past and take a stand against abortion. Others have not let go of abortion as the method of dealing with social problems.