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Big Hollywood » Blog Archive » Soroswood: The Intersection of Politics and Hollywood Propaganda, Part 1.

It’s all about George Soros, and his influence on the Hollywood media, and is worth a look. ^

George Soros with a mouthfull
The World's Biggest Tick

Also please See Oliver Stone fawning on Ahmadinejad, and complaining about the Jews running the U.S. media.   He’s allowed to say this stuff because he’s a leftie, but Mel Gibson was run out of town for it.

The main issue?   Soros and his Arab pals have more money than the Jews,  so now it’s fashionable to hate the Jews and love the Muslims.

This habit of  self-prostitution now has the leftie  feminists aligned with the Muslims, and the associated cultural practices of FGM  have even been given a pass.

How U.S. Style Leftists are Made

Jill Stanek weighed in  at WND on the practice of female genital mutiliation,  and the odd support it gains from leftist feminists.     This event is as good a time as any for Pharmer to reveal what makes an American turn leftist.

New Stanek column, “No compromise on female genital mutilation” by Jill Stanek.

Pharmer has  been listening to feminists and leftists “unplugged”  on the internet for years now…… speaking their minds cloaked by  the safety of anonymity.

The inescapable  conclusion is that most of these people obtain their mindset and ideology as a result of being abused in their earliest formative years.  The leftists are the set of people so severely wounded and without outside assistance, that they could never recover from the early damage. Understand that these people are a SUBSET of those who suffer early abuse.  Some others recover rather well.

The leftie feminists are generally programmed in early childhood to survive by surrendering to their abusers.   In later years, these people continue to surrender to the abusers,  EXCEPT THEY DO IT BY PROXY!

Some do this even while spouting  hatred for the abusers.

So now they continue in their social policies to give over the children of other people, and any women at disadvantage, as well as the weak and the helpless.

Hence there is the propensity for the lefties (abortionists)  to hide sex crimes,  for planned unparenthood to support the UN powder blue heads with their brothels,  and to regulate the production of females in India, China, by means of killing them, etc. Most recently pointed out is the support of female genital mutilation.

There is also the driving need for the leftists to turn over as much control and authority as possible to the abusers.  In this they fulfill the early childhood programming which remains throughout their lives.