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Big Hollywood » Blog Archive » Soroswood: The Intersection of Politics and Hollywood Propaganda, Part 1.

It’s all about George Soros, and his influence on the Hollywood media, and is worth a look. ^

George Soros with a mouthfull
The World's Biggest Tick

Also please See Oliver Stone fawning on Ahmadinejad, and complaining about the Jews running the U.S. media.   He’s allowed to say this stuff because he’s a leftie, but Mel Gibson was run out of town for it.

The main issue?   Soros and his Arab pals have more money than the Jews,  so now it’s fashionable to hate the Jews and love the Muslims.

This habit of  self-prostitution now has the leftie  feminists aligned with the Muslims, and the associated cultural practices of FGM  have even been given a pass.